What is it? A quick internet search of definition describes it as both a noun and a verb.


Noun: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity, OR;


Verb: engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory

I don’t know about you but both definitions sound a lot like “living life” to me. A heavily emotional ladened feeling of excitement, curiosities, and yes some hazardous senses especially of the unknown; the explorer in all of us comes out.

As a small boy to a young man I was lucky enough to have Grandparents that took me everywhere and anywhere west of the Mississippi itself. If it was a mountain range, rock-formation, cave system, State or National Park, a lake, a geyser, an Indian reservation, ghost or abandoned mining town; I myself have been there at least twice and with childhood pictures to prove it.

Although I’ve seen all of what I have, the sense of “adventure” was to be out exploring the landscapes and features of this beautiful countryside. The craving for more has always resided deep. Today, I have three sons of my own and it’s the back roads between all of the great places left to uncover new adventures and memories. It’s the places and trails less traveled that bring new views and images to be forever remembered in our minds. It’s the chance to build something that they can only get from seeing the world as I had.. it grows within us all, that sense of nature and of simpler things far away from the cubicles and boxed in lives we lead today. It’s freedom on another level and humbling.

So with that comes the question I am always asked about most of 12° North Industries; why 12° North for a name?


If you have ever been in Boy Scouts or taken even a simple course in navigation or mapping you may have heard of the word “declination”. The declination for the Las Vegas area is approximately 12° and 19.2 mins East of the Agonic line when trying to find your way to “True North” vs magnetic North. If you were to take a compass and continue to travel as the compass indicates as North, you would find what is called magnetic North - NOT true North as it is 12° off, making you lost and off track.


All this information when processed becomes a business metaphor. As 12° North Industries expands on its quality product offerings, exceptional advice, and services, staying in-tuned with its clientele’s needs and wants striving to achieve and develop a solid and honest business model of doing things in the right direction and not so much in the alleged right directions.

We at 12° North wish to earn your trust as a source of exceptional service, provided by like-minded and skilled individuals. The team at 12° North is passionate about making new experiences that allow everyone to build remarkable memories and actually live life as - Adventurers!

See you on the open trails…