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Terms Of Service (TOS)

12° Degrees North Industries stands behind the products we sell and manufacture.  However, we cannot be responsible, nor do we accept liability, for breakage or failure of parts as a result of off-road use or reckless highway driving.  Modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk and 12° Degrees North Industries does not accept liability or responsibility arising from damage caused by installing parts or doing modifications.  You should be aware that certain modifications and installation of certain aftermarket parts may under certain circumstances void vehicle warranties.

Products sold by 12° Degrees North Industries may not meet national, state, or local DOT standards.  Please check local and state laws before installing any product.  We cannot be held responsible for any violation due to the installation of our products.


Modification of any products sold by 12° Degrees North Industries may create dangerous conditions, which could cause serious bodily injury, and the buyer hereby expressly assumes all risks associated with any such modifications.

For work or future installations done in our shop:  The customer will be given the opportunity to have back any stock parts removed in the installation of aftermarket products.  If a customer refuses the stock parts, or they are left in our shop unclaimed for more than 2 business day, the parts will be disposed of.  12° Degrees North Industries will not accept responsibility for any parts left in our shop for longer than a period of 2 business day and will not be held responsible to replace such parts after 2 business day or if the customer has refused them either in writing or verbally or if the customer does not request the parts back at the time of installation.  Any claim made for damage to the vehicle or for removed factory parts must be made within 1 business day of work completion.

Vehicles left on premises for any reason will not be stored indoors or in a secured facility. 12° Degrees North Industries will not be held liable for damage, theft, or acts of God to vehicles while stored on-premises.

Parts sold by 12° Degrees North Industries are intended for OFF-ROAD use only.  12° Degrees North Industries is held harmless for any installation of parts that may not meet the customers local or state vehicle laws.

Limited Warranty

12° Degrees North Industries warrants all parts of its manufacture, furnished under this agreement, to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.  This limited warranty covers the original purchase price of the product.  All other products will be honored by their perspective warranties.

This limited warranty does not cover:

  • Installation

  • Labor

  • Freight

  • Normal wear and tear

  • Finish (i.e. Paint, powder coating, chrome, etc.)

  • Abuse

  • Damage caused by collision or Off-Road use

  • Items not created or manufactured by 12° Degrees North Industries





Additionally, any and all implied warranties (including the warranty of fitness or merchantability) are limited for a period of one year from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated by other manufactures of their product(s).  The limited warranties are void if the product(s) shows signs of alteration, modification, misuse, mishandling, improper care, and/or neglect.  Also, the limited warranty is void in the event of improper installation by anyone other than 12° Degrees North Industries.  The liability of 12° Degrees North Industries under this warranty is limited, at 12° Degrees North Industries option, solely to repair or replacement with equivalent products within a reasonable time.  By reasonable time, this means by any manufacture of product(s), replacement part(s), with understanding of supply shortages or delays in material acquisition, or other unforeseen delays.

This limited warranty is conditioned upon:

12° Degrees North Industries being notified of any defects or missing parts/hardware by Purchaser within 30 days of product delivery date, the return of the defective product(s) to 12° Degrees North Industries at Purchaser’s expense within the limited warranty period, 12° Degrees North Industries examination of such product(s) and its satisfaction that such defects were not caused by negligence, misuse, improper maintenance, accident, or unauthorized repair or alteration; and there are no signs of corrosion (i.e. Rust) on the product.

The original limited warranty period of any product repaired or replaced by 12° Degrees North Industries shall not thereby be extended.  Warranty(s) are not transferable.


Most bumpers, skid-plates, rock-sliders, some suspension components or brands of complete kits, are products are built to order and can have long production lead times.  We cannot control the inventories of other manufactures.  Please do not order products that you do not intend to keep.

Exception: Orders can be cancelled within 5 business days of the original order date, via phone - not email/chat, and there is a 4% fee for all orders that are canceled through a credit card no matter how long the order has been placed.

Abandoned Orders: At which time, once your product order is complete and you are notified of its completion, you will have 10 days to either schedule your installation, make any final payments and/or shipping arrangements or schedule a pick up during our business hours.  Unless arranged with our staff, all orders that fall outside this 10 day period will begin to accrue a storage fee of 1% of the order total per day past the 10 day grace period.  Orders that go beyond 90 days will be deemed abandoned and 12° Degrees North Industries will not be held liable for the order.  There are no cancellations, refunds or replacement product offerings on abandoned products.  If a customer wishes to start there order process over, original pricing and availability and production times will be subject to current pricing and current lead times.  12° Degrees North Industries will issue credit at their discretion for abandoned products that are reordered minus any storage fees or losses incurred due to the original abandoned order.

Shipping Disclaimer
Orders may not be able to ship to certain locations due to limited access. Limited access includes some gated or secure locations, warehouses, military bases as well as islands or peninsulas that are isolated and only have access by water.

Products that ship freight ship only to a business location or pick up at a local Old Dominion freight hub. For shipping outside the continental USA please call for a shipping quote prior to order. Shipping costs may vary depending on location. Freight orders with only a residential address listed will be shipped to the nearest Old Dominion Freight terminal by default. Additional charges may apply prior to shipping.

***For all Canada orders please read our 12° Degrees North Industries Canadian Shipping Instructions PRIOR TO ORDERING***  ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS. NO CANCELLATIONS

No 12° Degrees North Industries, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension or addition to this warranty.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada and forum for any dispute arising from these terms and conditions shall be in the federal or state courts located in Clark County, Nevada.

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