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Made To Order Returns

All fabricated items are built to order and can have long production lead times, ALL lead times are given by manufactures and are approximate, these companies are also often small business and although they do their bests to keep true to the lead times, these companies are NOT  ISO-9001 supply chains.  PLEASE do not order products you do not intend to keep.

MTO or Special Order Returns


October 1st, 2021 - The industry forum and current events are at a unknown place in history in the automotive and outdoor industries alike and with that, there are other factors, and bad actors across the globe in play, affecting everything and everyone.


12 North has been in the process of taking steps to improve communication of lead times across the board in all areas of made to order items and custom products.  While we are limited in (wo)man-power, we are implementing improvements and changes to our current systems and website to change with demands of the markets and the abilities of the manufactures and fabrication industries.


In the interim, we do our best to estimate the lead times of your product(s) at the time of the ordering but please understand the processes can fluctuate and unanticipated delays can occur due to current situations we, and other companies we rely on as support, are unable to control.


We absolutely understand that many of our patrons and newer customers have trips and events, some planned in advance that they hope to have product in time for and we do our best to orchestrate and/or meet timelines whenever possible but we cannot guarantee delivery dates at this time.


Recently many industry leaders and in some cases ourselves have experienced more delays than usual in getting materials, supplies, and parts in stock and see some of our outsourced services taking longer than usual and leading to longer lead times.


We are asking that you please be patient with us as we and others in the supporting manufacturing industries who are working hard to keep the flow of products coming in as best possible.  We ask that you also understand that while we try to provide a more personalized attention aspect to your orders, it is impossible at the current time to follow up weekly or multiple times in a short period of time.  For transparency we don't have the capacity or team size at the rate of requests or expectations to drop what we do daily for that kind of follow-up and the manufactures inform us of the same.

Our MTO Policy


It is ultimately your responsibility to determine that the part(s) or item(s) you order are the correct for the vehicle application model and year.  We understand in some cases cross pollination between years or even Manufacture plates exists.  We will work with you in any reasonable means to ensure the product fits, including helping you verify fitments, measurements, and sometimes unknowns.  For Technical information on application or fitment of items to your vehicle prior to ordering you can contact us by email or call us during regular business hours here

No Refunds will be issued, only in-store credit

There may be times when due to demand, season, conventions and show events that along with other orders, your item(s) may need to be "Made To Order" from a manufacturer and necessitates additional time.  We make EVERY effort to get your order out to you as fast possible.  On average busier times that lead time window can range between 2-9 weeks.  Just about any shop/manufacturer that is producing a quality product, this is an average lead time, not Amazon Prime.

Made to Order Items (November 1, 2021)

We have always offered, and will continue to offer, a 48hr window of complete cancellation from the time stamp of purchase on made to order items.  This is based as a courtesy of buyers remorse, emergency withdrawn to get a full refund because of a life situation, or because your significant other threatened to leave and take the kids if you don't.  However, unfortunately due to some bad actors, after that 48hrs all sales will be in-store credit only.   We will not offer a refund on these types of items any longer.   These order items are most often but not limited to: (bumpers, rack systems, swing-out bumpers, rock-sliders, skid plates, UCA's and LCA's, etc..

Ultimately our goal is to always provide and have a positive and good shopping experience.  There are lead times associated with these items even if its only a couple days that go unnoticed sometimes.  We also understand that many of our patrons and newer customers have trips and events planned in advance that they hope to have product in time for and we do our best to to orchestrate and/or meet timelines whenever possible but we cannot guarantee delivery dates at this time

  • Merchant services, PayPal, and many other Credit-Card banks have recently again changed their TOS (Terms Of Service) to include penalties for an increase in returns/refunds and passing them onto the business itself taking the loss of a sale beyond just that.  It is no longer a matter of refund a sale and just work more to make up for the loss, we are actually being penalized

  • If you are unsure of your purchase, please do not order if you do not intend to keep your order

  • Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer, they will not credit you or refund the order(s)

  • There are lead times associated with these items, we also understand that many  of our patrons and newer customers have trips and events planned in advance that they hope to have product in time for and we do our best to to orchestrate and/or meet timelines whenever possible but we cannot guarantee delivery dates at this time

  • We try to get shipping quotes on these items as quickly as possible, some items are faster than others, many of these items are truck freighted by freight companies, please understand it's not as easy as a zip code in UPS/FedEx system and with regular business and sales/installs we may be a day or two behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to contact you for an RMA number before I send in my item?

A: Yes, we do issue RMA numbers at this time. Please send your item back to us by following the instructions above.

Q: Do you accept returns of final sale items?

A: Sorry, we do not accept returns or exchanges on final sale merchandise, online or in store. Prices ending in $ .97/ .93 or $ .50 indicate a final sale purchase on discontinued,. Samples, prototypes, and seconds are sold "as is" and are not eligible for warranty coverage.

Q: Do you accept returns on underwear or undergarments?

A: Given the personal nature of this type of product, we do not accept returns or exchanges, online or in store; however, these products are still covered under our warranty policy if a defect is present. Please take a close look at our product brand Fit Guides to ensure that you select the right size. Our Customer Support team is available to help you make the best decision.

Q: I received a gift and need to return it. What do I need to do?

A: Send back your unused gift items by following the return process & the instructions above. Once we receive and approve the return you’ll receive a store credit in the form of a gift certificate or a store credit for the current selling price of the items.

Q: I bought an item in your retail store and would like to return it by mail. Can I do this?

A: Yes, you may return items purchased in our retail store by mail following the instructions provided above but we would prefer if you are local to us for faster service, it may be better to come back. If you must use a mail in return because you have moved or visiting during the time of your purchase, be sure to follow the above process & instructions listed above; include your invoice information with the return and your refund will be issued in the form of a gift certificate.

Q: I bought an item online and would like to return it to your retail store location. Can I do this?

A: No, please return items purchased online by mail following the process & instructions provided above. Be sure to include your invoice information with the return and your refund will be credited to the original form of payment.

Q: Can I return a gift certificate that I purchased?

A: Sorry, gift certificates are final sale and cannot be returned or refunded.

Q: I used a promo code to purchase the items I’m returning. How will this affect my refund?

A: You can still return items purchased with a promo code unless it was an open box or discontinued sale item. Your refund amount will reflect the amount you actually paid and you will not be issued a new promo code.

Additional Information

As a safeguard against potential abuse, fraudulent, unreasonable, excessive, returns 12° Degrees North Industries reserves the right to deny anyone who has made what we determine to be excessive, unreasonable, or fraudulent return requests. Whereas we respect your consumer rights, please be mindful that we are a family owned business.  We are not Amazon and that we have a process that we adhere to in order to protect other customers, remain consistent in good customer service, and streamlining a process that seems to be under constant adaptation to the online shopping landscape by keeping costs down for you the consumer. 


At the end of the day, we are also someones customers and consumers ourselves, so our processes keep that in our minds while handling your experience with us.

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