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Alright ladies, here it is again.. 12° North doing what it can to keep you in our T-Shirts whether with your man or if you left him at home to do your own thing! Maybe next time he'll help with those dishes and take the trash out like he was asked.  No matter, while your out on the trails or doing your own thing you can't go wrong wearing one of our comfortable shirts, we bet you look better in them than us and we love your support!


Introducing the NEW "Northbound" shirt from 12° North Industries. Representing in large fashion is our Ladie's mapping compass logo wrapped around the waist in simple but yet bold form.


Keeping inline with our traditional colors to start but more on the way.. we're offering this shirt in both a 50/50 Cotten T-shirt and a more fitted version in a compression style shirt without the squeezed feeling.


Now in case he starts role reversing and whining, or you need a last minute gift because you were out late with the girls the other night. Our Men's Northbound T-Shirts for the whiner in your life are here.


This product is available in the following colours: Bronze on Gray shirt, Black on White shirt, Gray on Black shirts. Other colors to follow but if you have suggestions, contact us with your ideas.

12° North Industries Ladies "Northbound" Shirt v1.0