**Designed for those with professional medical responsibilities or concerns, such as contractors, guides, medics and more, whether in the backcountry or the urban jungle.  These kits are not your typical CVS/Walgreen Corner store kits, often pre-loaded with same level of gear and quality as our 1st Responder or Military/LEO kits.  These are not Imported knockoff medical supplies**



The 1st Responder kit is the perfect balance between size and having the right amount of supplies to treat a wide variety of first aid emergencies from arterial bleeding and CPR, to broken bones, sprains, cuts, and headaches.


Packaged in the Home & Vehicle bag, the 1st Responder Kit is built for those with Basic Life Support (BLS) training and/or wilderness first aid training. From the urban setting to the backcountry wilderness, be prepared with the EPMK-1st Responder.


The Home & Vehicle bag  is made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon


To provide timely shipments of our kits and modules, we may substitute items where necessary.


1st Responder Kit

SKU: 01425RD
  • Size: 11” x 8” x 6”
    Weight: 4 lb. 1.6 oz.
    Available Colors: Red

    (1) Emergency First Aid Pocket Guide


    (1) Biohazard Waste Bag
    (1) Rescue Mask, Soft Case
    (2) Emergency/Survival Blanket
    (2) Respirator Mask
    (4) Nitrile Glove
    (6) Personal Antimicrobial Wipe


    (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet
    (1) QuikClot, 25 g
    (1) Trauma Bandage, 4"
    (2) Compressed Gauze


    (2) Trauma Pad, 5" x 9"
    (1) Burn Dressing, 2" x 6"
    (3) Burn Jel, 3.5 g
    (1) 30 Band-Aid, 6 Knuckle, 6 Moleskin
    (1) Cloth Tape, 1" x 10 yd.
    (1) Stretch Gauze, 3" x 4.1 yd.
    (1) Wound Closure Strips, 0.25" x 4"
    (12) Antiseptic Towelettes
    (2) Benzoin Swabsticks
    (2) Oval Eye Pad
    (2) Petroleum Gauze, 3" x 9"
    (2) Povidone-Iodine, 22 mL
    (4) Cotton-Tipped Applicator, 6"
    (4) Non-Adherent Dressing, 3" x 4"
    (4) Sterile Gauze Pad, 4" x 4"


    (1) Elastic Bandage Wrap, 3" x 4.5 yd.
    (1) Splint, Orange, 4.25" x 36"
    (2) Triangular Bandage


    (1) Eye Wash, 4 oz.
    (2) Glucose, 15 g
    (6) Aspirin, 2/pk (Analgesic)
    (6) Diamode, 1/pk (Anti-diarrheal)
    (6) Diotame, 2/pk (Stomach)
    (6) Diphen, 1/pk (Antihistamine)
    (6) Hydrocortisone 1% Creme, 1.5 g
    (6) Ibuprofen, 2/pk (Anti-inflammatory)
    (6) Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.9 g
    (2) Hydration Powder
    (1) Insect Bite Treatment


    (1) Catheter Tip, 18G
    (1) Digital Thermometer
    (1) EMT Shears, 7.25"
    (1) Irrigation Syringe, 20 mL, Luer Lock Tip
    (1) Permanent Marker, Extra-Fine Point
    (1) Scalpel, Sterile, #11
    (1) Tweezers
    (3) Safety Pins, 2"
    (1) Disposable Penlight
    (1) Flat Duct Tape, 1.89" x 2 yd.


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