This alternator is perfect for anyone needing to beef up their current electrical system. Each unit is dyno tested before shipment to ensure you receive a working unit the first time.


The components inside this alternator are heavy duty, high amperage and brand new. We use the highest quality components to build the best high output alternator ensuring your unit will last long and run quiet.


Total Output:        200+ AMPS 


Direct Fit | Bolt-On | Plug & Play - This is an exact-fit high output alternator designed specifically for your Toyota Tacoma. No modifications to the Toyota Tacoma are necessary! Our unit mounts the same as your factory Toyota Tacoma alternator and utilizes the same electrical connections.


100% Brand New! Made in the USA! - We don't require a core charge because all of our inventory is 100% Brand New. Watch out for the other guys selling 'rewound' junk. "If they want your core, find a better store!".


The Best One Year, No Hassle Warranty! - Unconditional warranty like no one else in the business. If you have a problem with your high output alternator we will repair it at no charge to you for one year!


Monster Audio Performance - This alternator was designed specifically with high amperage audio performance in mind. Many customers use high output alternators competitively in stereo competitions around the globe!


125AMPs @ Idle and Full Output Available at a Low 1200RPM! - Delivers the power on board your Toyota Tacoma when you need it, across the entire RPM range. The other guys expect you to spin your engine to 6500RPM before their alternator makes the rated output while their idle output is actually lower than your factory Toyota alternator!


Daily Driver & Competition Ready - All of our alternators can be used for daily driving or competitions without a problem. These are the most reliable, highest output alternators on the planet designed specifically for your Toyota Tacoma. Our unconditional one year warranty backs it up as well as our customer testimonials.


Powder Coated units usually ship next day!


200A High Output Alternator for Toyota Tacoma, 2007 - 2010 2.7L L4

$489.99 Regular Price
$455.00Sale Price
Powder Coat
  • Toyota Tacoma, 2007 - 2010 2.7L L4