Jeep commercials show these vehicles bouncing down a rocky trail with cool slow-mo footage. Only problem, if you look underneath your Jeep you'll see a whole lotta stuff waiting to be smashed up.


Of course the Jeep dealerships want you banging into rocks. That means they get to fix all sorts of things which certainly will not be covered by warranty.


Rocky Road is well known as THE supplier of parts for your Grand Cherokee and happy to have another additiona to our armor plating system on your Jeep. If you haven't checked out our main uncarriage skid plate packages, you really need to do this by clicking here


As a result of customers asking us for more some steel coverage on their front end, we now introduce the Prerunner style front skid plate kit.  This kit provides a nice front bashplate for those who truly do take their Jeeps offroad. Installation of this kit does require removal of the front lower plastic fascia.


Some will like this look and the extra protection, some may not like the look.  In either case, it really is something Jeep should have included from the factory for a true offroad vehicle.


PLEASE NOTE: Installation of this kit requires our front winch mount kit. A skid plate needs something solid to bolt to and our Winch kit provides this. Otherwise you just have plastic and styrofoam up front with the factory configuration. A winch is not required to install the winch mount kit, but like our various bumper kits for this Jeep, you do need to have the Winch Mount to install this skid plate.


More information on that kit can be found by clicking here for your 2011-2013 JEEP WK2  or a  2014-2021 JEEP WK2



 *If you have an ACC equipped Jeep (Adaptive Cruise Control), this sensor must be removed when using the new skidplate. Your owner's manual recommends removing this anyway when you take your Jeep offroad.


(2011-Current) Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Front Skid Plate

    • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 (2011-Current)


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