The Open Country C/T boasts all-terrain commercial grade durability, plus a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake qualifies it for severe snow conditions.


Developed for balanced on- and off-road work year-round, its unique tread design and tough construction deliver long tread life and traction in gravel, mud, and snow.


Contrary to its aggressive appearance, the Open Country C/T also provides a quiet, comfortable highway ride.


The 245/75R16 Toyo Open Country C/T has: 

Diameter - 30.7"

Width - 9.8"

Mounts on - 16" rim

Revolutions per mile - 676

Weighs - 51 lbs

Max load - 3042/2778 lbs

Maximum air pressure - 80 psi

Tread depth - 18.3/32"

Rim width - 6.5-7.0-8.0


245/75/16 Open Country CT Mountain Snowflake - Severe Snow Conditions

SKU: 345050
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  • Brand: TOYO
    Part #: 345050
    Size: LT245/75R16
    Speed Rating: Q
    Load Index: 120/116
    Load Range: E
    Sidewall: BSW