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Water Storage Bag 60 Gallon AQUATANK II - 3' x 4' Super Heavy Duty

The New 60 Gal Aquatank 2 Water Bag Water Bladder is ideal for emergency water storage, but can be used for many other applications. Unlike our previous models that were designed to be static after filling. The new Aquatank II can be transported in an SUV, truck, camper or trailer without the risk of damaging the unit. Of course with certain precautions.

The material used for the Aquatank II, is a heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon that is suitable for potable water. This material is highly puncture resistant, durable and flexible. It will not wrinkle, crease or crack. When not in use this unit can be folded or rolled up to take up almost no storage space (about 9" x 15" x 2").

The drain sleeve on the Aquatank II has a male garden hose attachment and the fill sleeve has a female attachment.

Olive Drab in color


60 Gallon Water Bladders-AquaTank II

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  • Material Food Grade HDPE (high-denisity polyethylene)
    Size (60 Gallon) 36"W x 48"L x 16"H
    Water Use For Plants & Garden
    Name Aqua Tank II Water Bladders and Bags
    Uses Primary Household Water Consumption

    Great for Long-Term Water Storage &

    Emergency Water Storage


    Aquatank has two openings: one for filling and the other located near the front(label) for draining.

    To fill, simply unscrew the cap on the fill opening and fill the garden with a NEW, food-grade garden hose*, through the sleeve. The (red) faucet should be in the "off" position and screwed on tightly to the drain opening at the opposite end of the bag near the Aquatank label.

    Once it is filled with water, replace the cap on the fill sleeve. When the tank is almost full, push against the back of the unit to raise the fill sleeve up higher. This may help you get the maximum number of gallons into your Aquatank. Alternatively, place the unit on a slight angle making the faucet slightly lower than the fill side. The AquaII bags have a connection for a water hose if you nee to extend the drainage location.

    Place your Aquatank on a clean level surface which is well supported. it would be prudent to place a tarp under the Aquatank before filling. Therefore, the smaller sizes can be moved by dragging the tarp.


    Safe & reasonable potable water ranges for Aquatank II are from 0°F to 140°F Temperatures below 32°F, like all containers, allowance must be made for expansion


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