Aluminum tray options to suit mid-size North American trucks, and in a revolutionary way unavailable by most other market options.


How you may ask?


By creating a mounting system for specific trucks that work with any one of 3 Sizes of trays, lengths to accomodate nearly everything you might want to attach a flat-bed aluminum tray to.  Access-Cab/Short Bed (ACSB), Access-Cab/L Bed (ACLB), or Extra-Cab/Short Bed (ECSB), Reg-Cab/All Beds (RCAB) options are available in widths of 66" (1676.4mm) allowing for 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft length trays all designed to reach just passed the rear of the trucks frame, giving the very best departure angles.


Pricing Starts From Base Options of the listed length of trays and includes the following:

  • Base Deck ~ 66" in (1676.4mm) x (choice of length)
  • 33" Tire Fenders
  • Fuel Filler Standard Kit
  • Tail Board Blank Panel
  • Mounting Brackets Tray to Frame
  • Plug & Play Supplemental Wiring
  • Accessory Pack


For a complete quote or to customize your tray for your needs use the link below:



The best feature about our tray is you can piece the unit together just as you see fit.  Unlike other brands on the market, our tray system allows you to configure or add accessories overtime.  Yes, there is a cost savings in your specific tray build, time, and shipping, to order a unit that may fit all your requirements but we understand that budgets don't always meet intentions or needs.


Just get the base deck, and simply build from there.  The water tank, drawer(s) tool boxes, storage boxes, side gates, even the head or foot boards, can all be purchased at a later time and easily be installed.


Your electrical will be all plug and play, and features such as your factory bed power outlet can either be mounted on the under side, or inside one of the underbody tool boxes.  Your trailer connector and back-up camera are relocated, and if your vehicle has any back-up sensors, or blind spot detection systems, we include relocation brackets for those as well. The parts are included to modify your fuel filler and reconnect it too.  Although we recommend professional installtion, for those quite capable of taking on the task, As long as you have another able bodied human to help you, or piece of equipment to help remove your factory bed, the step by step instructions make for a fairly simple install.


In the unfortunate event of an accident or serious trail damage, we are able to supply replacement parts. The great part on the modularity of the under tray options, is that they are easily replaceable.


Installation can vary on your vehicles state, being if your vehicle is brand new, or a few years old and if it has been exposed to salt and snow.  With a new vehicle, our time estimation is roughly 8-10 hours for trucks with a box size up to 6.5ft.  On a vehicle that's going to have issues with removing bolts, can range from 10-15 hours or more. 


Furthermore, because so much preparation has gone into the design and functionality of the tray system, the plug & play for your electrical system, and all the options. Should you choose to revert your rig back to stock configurations, it is not only possible, but designed to offer that benefit and option.


Is it necessary to modify/upgrade my suspension?​


While not mandatory, we recommend it for mid-size trucks.  It is your responsibility to understand your vehicles GVWR and know through proper planning what your overall build may be and to plan ahead if necessary.  Our lightest configuration comes in at 225lbs for the base deck for mid size trucks that have the short bed chassis.  For example, a Tacoma with a factory 5ft box, the deck weighs 225lbs.  A Tacoma with a factory 6ft box, 260lbs.  When subtracting the factory box weight of roughly 250lbs+, you’re not adding much to the trucks payload when adding additional options.


As we receive requests for paint options quite often, and so we do offer the service.  We recommend our customers use their local powder coater, especially when we’re shipping the product.  We can easily accommodate smaller items, and we can do complete trays/decks as well. - When submitting a quote request, please mention the colour options in the comment box.


**Please note, however we do our best to colour match, it may not be 100%, so please keep this in mind.**




* See additional inforamtion section for more information.


** All Mid Size Flatbeds/Trays come standard 72″ (1830mm) wide. 76″ wide and 66″ wide options are available, please contact us for a quote.


60"in Wide UTE Tray Options - SET

    • Toyota P/U Pre ~ '05 – 6ft box trucks
    • Ford Ranger '83 ~ '11 – 6ft box trucks
    • Mazda B Series '94 ~ '09 – 6ft box trucks
    • Nissan Frontier '98 ~ '04 – 6ft box trucks
    • Nissan Hardbody '86 ~ '97 – 6ft box trucks


    If you don’t see your vehicle here, please contact us, so we can confirm which of our products will work for you!


*Many products will require the use of a direct shipping quote from one of our CSR agents due to new DIM weights and measure changes as of Jan 10th, 2018 from major carrie