This tray mounts under the main battery on the driver side and provides a mounting location for the popular Blue Sea ML-ACR series automatic charging relays. These units provide a robust and cost effective solution to managing a dual battery setup.


The Blue Sea units allow you to combine and separate the batteries from the cab, in addition to automatically combining and separating them based on alternator output in auto mode.


Pre-drilled holes are provided for the following Blue Sea ACR models: 7620, 7620100B, 7622, 7622100B. The tray also provides predrilled holes to mount a Blue Sea MEGA fuse block (PN 7721), which can accommodate up to a 400A fuse.


An additional fuse block of the same type can be mounted to pre-drilled holes on the dual battery tray to provide fusing from both ends of the system.


A large mounting surface is provided on the front facing portion of the tray to allow custom modules to be mounted, including HID Ballasts, additional fuses, relays etc.


Mounting is accomplished by positioning the tray under the main battery and pop riveting it into place using the included stainless steel rivets. The stock tray liner is then positioned on top of the tray and the battery is installed as usual.


Made from laser cut and tig welded steel.


Black textured powder coat. Includes stainless hardware for installation of ACR and fuse block.


ACR and Fuse Mounting Tray

SKU: SKU16279


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