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Since 1995, Benchmark Maps has been driving and mapping the American West, publishing award-winning recreation maps and atlases.


The first edition Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas showcases the diverse recreation opportunities found along the full length of the Baja California Peninsula. State maps illustrate and describe both states, Baja California & Baja California Sur.


Regional maps provide a wider view of the region and Recreation Guides list an array of attractions for trip planning. Landscape Maps™ provide the most detail, bringing the peninsula’s rugged terrain into focus with land cover data, shaded relief, and a detailed road network to aid travelers navigating between cities or seeking remote destinations.


Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas - By Benchmark

SKU: 978-1-734315-05-9
  • Landscape Maps

    • Large scale maps with detailed road classifications, points-of-interest, landmarks, elevations
    • Kilometer markers on major highways
    • Page-to-page map overlap, clear legibility
    • National Parks and Wildlife Areas

    Recreation Guides

    • Regional maps at medium scale illustrate broader views and longer routes
    • Focused maps & listings for La Paz, Los Cabos Corridor, and wineries of Valle de Guadalupe
    • Recreation categories include:
      • Parks, Monuments, Natural Wonders
      • Boating & Fishing Access, Beaches
      • Historic Missions & Ruins
      • Campgrounds & RV Parks


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