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The DeMello Off-Road rear FJ bumper is designed with high clearance and strength in mind. The rear bumper is formed from 3/16in steel with a 1/4in thick mounting plates and 1/2in thick recovery points, to ensure it's strength against heavy trail use.


This bumper has an option for powder coating with a texture finish powder coating.


The 3 piece design makes fitting the bumper up to the FJ a perfect fit every time. The three piece design also allows you to re-adjust the bumper if it takes a good hit on the trail and knocks it out of alignment.


You can use your factory back up sensors in this bumper (minor modifications necessary) and add additional back up lights to the outer wings to help assist you with back up at night. The flat top of the bumper in the center and outer edges gives you a extra place to stand when getting to your roof rack or simple good flat surface to rest on with the back door open.


DeMello off-road rear bumpers are manufactured and engineered in the USA, in Corona California. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our bumpers. We have been building bumpers for almost 20 years for Toyota trucks and SUV's we use what we have learned on the trail with countless hours of testing and apply it to every product we make.


The FJC rear bumpers are built for strength and clearance while keeping the weight down and improving approach angle. DeMello off-road bumpers have been engineered and improved upon for over 20 years to give you the strongest and leanest bumper possible without excessive weight or overhang on the rear of your Toyota truck or SUV. We’ve taken out material where it’s not needed and added it where it is needed to keep the performance you’ve come to expect from your Toyota.


DeMello off-road bumpers are not just another backyard mechanics attempt at a cheap copy or a mass-produced china bumper with thin metal and poor weld quality. We have taken years of experience and dedication to Toyota trucks and SUV’s to build the best bumpers possible with the highest quality possible. Our bumpers are fully MiG welded and key slotted together for the best in strength and durability.



Things to note while ordering:

  • Not everything is included in the pictures.
  • Gas cans are not included
  • FJC is not included in pictures
  • Rear lights are not included in pictures
  • Back ground of tree's misc parking structures or landscape are not included in the bumper order.
  • Please call and ask about any quetions you may have about the rear bumper and confirm your order before placing it.


Please note* bumper may not be 100% like the pictures, we have made slight improvements and refinements to the bumper over time to make it more universal to everyones needs. If you have specific needs or request please e-mail before ordering.  Also note, things like the FJ in the picture, the air chuck the gas cans are not inclulded. If you have specific request please contact us before placing your order.



FJ Cruiser (07-14) - Rear Swing Out / Stage 4 by DEMELLO

PriceFrom $3,500.00
    • 2007-2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    • 2011-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser


*Many products will require the use of a direct shipping quote from one of our CSR agents due to new DIM weights and measure changes as of Jan 10th, 2018 from major carriers.

Packages greater than a square cubic foot are now required to use a “volumetric weight” based upon length, width, height of a package from most carriers which alters actual weights. Oversized / Unique shaped packages are most affected and may not apply to your specific purchase(s). However, IN ORDER to save you, the customer, shipping costs, associated fees, and to keep product costs down, we are taking action to give direct shipping quotes based upon delivery methods available. Your full name and email address, required in the checkout, is so we can offer you a shipping quote. Your item(s) will NOT ship without communication from our CSR agents. We apologize for any inconveniences.*

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