DeMello off-road FJC rear Alumin bumper


DeMello off-road rear bumpers are manufactured and engineered in the USA, in Corona California. We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our bumpers. We have been building bumpers for almost 20 years for Toyota trucks and SUV's we use what we have learned on the trail with countless hours of testing and apply it to every product we make.


The FJC rear bumpers are built for strength and clearance while keeping the weight down and improving approach angle. DeMello off-road bumpers have been engineered and improved upon for over 20 years to give you the strongest and leanest bumper possible without excessive weight or overhang on the rear of your Toyota truck or SUV. We’ve taken out material where it’s not needed and added it where it is needed to keep the performance you’ve come to expect from your Toyota.


DeMello off-road bumpers are not just another backyard mechanics attempt at a cheap copy or a mass-produced china bumper with thin metal and poor weld quality. We have taken years of experience and dedication to Toyota trucks and SUV’s to build the best bumpers possible with the highest quality possible. Our bumpers are fully MiG welded and key slotted together for the best in strength and durability.


FJ Cruiser (17-14) - Aluminum 3 Piece Rear Bumper by DEMELLO