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When Toyota released the new 4runner in 2010 they gave aftermarket manufacture some challenges to overcome. The transition from bumper to body has now changed and is also available in NEW Aluminum for a lighter weight option and same quality & strength.


DeMello Off-road answered with two options, for a more factory look you can simply cut your factory plastic bumper to fit and fill in the gap. Or we offer an additional metal insert that attaches to the body of the 4runner to help reduce bumper interference and give a more traditional look.


The transition piece will come either bare-metal or powder coated simi-gloss black. We recommend having it professionally finished and installed by a body shop for the best fit and finish in the color of your vehicle to match your 4runner. (please ask questions before ordering the optional fill piece)


DeMello Off-Road Tacoma bumpers are complete bolt on and feature 1/4in winch mount construction directly tied into a 1/2in thick frame mounting system that goes from the top of the inside of the bumper to the bottom.


This design also is part of the one piece shackle design all our front bumpers now have. The bumper is also cross braced with 3/16in skeleton that keeps the designed light but strong. The skin of the bumper 1/8in plating for a durable but light weight construction.


We also use a all new frame capture bracket that clamps the bumper to the frame to ensure a solid mount.


This bumper features a three-hoop design. Light weight high clearance construction rounds off this bumper.


All our plate bumpers can retain any non-integrated winch up to 10,000 pounds. The fog light holes in the bumper are 4 inches in diameter. We recommend using 3-3/4 inch LED lights.


Please note: Bumper will be shipped freight additional shipping charges will applied when ordered. Please call for actual ship date before ordering; some pictures show options not included.


Please note: that powder coating is an option and holds no warranty from defects and damages. It will not protect the bumper from scratches, rust, trail damage, street damage or other. We do our best to ship the product to you with out damage to the powder coating but it has no written or other warranty.


4Runner (10-22) - Aluminum / Three-Hoop Bumper by DEMELLO

    • Toyota 4Runner 2010-2020


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