Etekcity E-gear Portable Collapsible Outdoor Backpacking Gas Camping Stove Burner (Orange)


Safe and easy to connect to 2 different connector types of butane canister with stove adaptor, the outdoor stove has a built-in electric spark ignition system and includes flame control. Flame control allows operators to change between a powerful flame and a lower intensity flame for ultimate control.


Piezo Ignition System

Etekcity Camp Stove has quicker and safer ignition thanks to the built-in Piezo Ignition system. No wasted time fussing with matches or lighters, and much safer than dealing with an open flame.


Increased Safety

The Etekcity E-gear Portable Collapsible Outdoor Backpacking Gas Camping Stove Burner is designed to remain hose-less. Creating extra space saved in a backpack or taking up less space in onboard vehicle totes.


Space Efficient and Convenient

Convenience and portability is most important when it comes to equipment meant for outdoor camping trips. This camping stove includes a carrying pouch for enhanced portability. Just store the stove in its pouch after use and get back to it the next time it’s needed.


Entertain Friends
Who camps alone? Cook for all of your friends or family with the portable camping stove. It can support an impressive 11 pounds and can hold cookware over 10″ in diameter. Cooking for an overnight group has never been easier!


Simple Operations
The set up and operation of the Mini Camping Stove is very straightforward and simple. For added ease, the camping stove can pair up to almost all single butane or butane-propane mixed fuel canisters. No need to deal with long or bulky hoses that take up room in a bag; the mini stove can attach directly to the canister!

Etekcity E-gear Portable Collapsible Backpacking Gas Camping Stove Burner

    • Compact design with adjustable folding frame and retracting metal feet
    • Built-in electric-spark ignition system and adjustable fuel flow to control flame intensity
    • Compatible with most single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters
    • Constructed of water-resistant and durable stainless steel
    • Easy set up and operation, great for overnight trips, picnics and many other outdoor activities
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