We set out to create a firestarter that is high quality, ultra-small in size and completely self-contained.  The nanoSTRIKER is the result.


Sacrificing neither form nor function, its unique all-in-one design puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package.  At the end of the day, this little tool can be collapsed and returned to key-chain ballast duty.


A reliable must-have tool for getting flames going fast.  Produces showers of sparks at over 3,000 degrees F/1649 C in the toughest conditions.  The metal striker and ferrocerium rod are housed in a rugged alloy waterproof body.  Dependable for thousands of strike so take your mind off survival and roam free!


When your path leads into the wild, where things can go bump in the night, fire becomes more important than social media.


Use the nanoSTRIKER™ to light gas stoves, alcohol stoves, fuel tablets, BBQ grills, etc.


NanoStriker Firestarter