The Sway-A-Way replacement Flip-pac Camper torsion bar is a torsion bar engineered to the same standards as our high-performance automotive torsion bars.


Designed to hold up in the rough environment the stock torsion bar fails in.




Q: “Should we use the factory torsion bar tube?”

A: There is a lot of stored energy in the torsion bar when it is loaded, so the external factory tube is a good idea for safety. The factory torsion bars did not have good corrosion resistance, the Sway-A-Way Flippac torsion bars are powder coated and will prevent corrosion failure. If you are going to use the tube, it would be a good idea to drill a 1/4″ hole on the bottom of the tube at each end to let air in and water out.


Flip-pac Camper Torsion Bar

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