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This ICON billet aluminum upper control arm kit is designed to improve the overall performance of the new 2021-UP Ford Bronco with corrected front-end geometry increased camber and caster adjustment and improved suspension component clearance.


Constructed of CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum utilizing a hybrid H-beam cross-section that is light-weight and resists bending forces better than tubular arms.  Replacing the OE ball joint with the all-new serviceable and rebuildable ICON Delta Joint PRO allows for full bump and droop travel of the front suspension while eliminating bind.


FK Rod End 3/4” heim joints provide precise and smooth function throughout the range of travel while ICON’s signature double adjuster sleeve allows for on-vehicle camber and caster adjustment.  Included with all components and hardware necessary for a complete install these billet UCAs are the perfect front end upgrade for the 2021-UP Ford Bronco.


ICON suspension components with the all-new Delta Joint PRO represent the state of the art in off-road performance and durability.  Delta Joint PRO is ICON's innovative new suspension articulation joint which combines the durability and longevity of factory style ball joints with performance and strength that exceeds traditional motorsports-style ball joints.


The Delta Joint PRO features a new rebuildable serviceable design in which any component may be removed inspected and replaced without having to purchase a whole new joint. Strength and durability are improved by using a larger ball with 56% more bearing surface than our standard Delta Joint along with improved lubrication sealing.  But improved performance is at the heart of the Delta Joint PRO with a full 90 degrees of articulation from one extreme to the other.


This represents a 14% improvement in range of motion over the highly capable original Delta Joint allowing for maximum bind-free suspension movement through the complete range of travel.  The Delta Joint PRO is built to take the abuse with a chromoly ball and shaft that has a bearing surface hardened to Rockwell C 55.


The replaceable races are made of graphite-impregnated sintered metal machined to the finest tolerance to provide a flawless metal-to-metal bearing interface.  We also redesigned the lubrication system with lubricant channels that distribute grease more efficiently without extending past the bearing seal.


Ford Bronco 21-23 Billet UCA DJ Kit

SKU: 48500DJ
    • Ford Bronco  2021-2023


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