A set of Foot Rail Load Bars used to transport gear on the roof of your vehicle when there’s no need for a full Front Runner Roof Rack.


This low profile, smaller footprint solution includes 2 Ford Ranger 58mm foot rails, 2 1255mm Load Bars, 4 Foot Rail to Load Bar Adapters and fitting instructions  - all the components necessary to mount the Front Runner Load Bars to the vehicle.


You may not have the need for a full roof rack and find that you can get by using a set of Front Runner load bars.


Can be used to mount a Front Runner Roof Top Tent or other accessories where a low profile and smaller footprint is preferred. The Load Bars attach to the vehicle specific Foot Rails.

Uses the same strong, corrosion free aluminum slats found in Front Runner Slimline II Racks.

The Load Bars and vehicle specific Foot Rails can be used in the future as components to build a complete Front Runner Roof Rack. The sliding nut t-slots allow for quick fitting and removal of accessories and equipment on both the top and bottom of the slats.

Made from stainless steel and a durable, weather resistant black powder-coated aluminum. Foot Rails allow for a maximum of two load bars. Includes all hardware, components and the installation guide needed to fit Load Bars on a vehicle.

*Drilling is required. See Installation Guide for details.


Ford Ranger T6 Load Bar Kit / Foot Rails - by Front Runner

  • Consisting of:

    1 x FAFR001 - Ford Ranger (2012-Current) Foot Rails - by Front Runner
    1 x LBSK014 - Roof Load Bar Pair 1255mm(W) - by Front Runner
    1 x RRAC083 - Foot Rail to Load Bar Adapter - by Front Runner

     Material used:

    Black epoxy powder-coated T6 aluminium
    3CR12 Stainless Steel

    Approximate Installed Weight 12kg (26lbs)

    The t-slots on the tops and bottoms of the slats accommodate standard 8mm bolts.

    To determine the approximate height from your vehicle’s roof to the top of your Load Bar Kit, add the height of the Load Bar (22mm/ 7/8") to the height of the Foot, Grab-On Foot, or Strap-On Foot listed above.

    If your Load Bar kit uses Legs, add the height of the Load Bar (22mm/ 7/8") to the height of the Legs listed above to determine the height of the rack from your vehicle’s rain gutters.

    If your Load Bar kit uses Foot Rails, add the height of the Load Bar (22mm/ 7/8") to the height of the Foot Rails listed above to determine the height of the rack from the crown (highest point) of the vehicles roof.

     Shipping Dimensions:

    Width 150mm (6")
    Length 1370mm (54")
    Height 305mm (12")

    Shipping Weight:

    Weight 13.9kg (30.6lbs)


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