There's really no debate that extreme 4wheeling catches our attention and is really great to watch but let's face it, those guys don't have to use their rig to drive to work everyday, go run errands, or even drive to the trail on weekends for that matter.


So while EXTREME 4wheeling is very high on the cool scale, it is also very low on the practical scale. That's where Rocky Road comes in. We'll let those guys have their fun and maybe even watch their videos sometimes, but we know what real world folks drive... and let's face it, how silly a stock Jeep looks. The bottom line is that most folks do want to spice up their Jeep a bit, but suspensions that change the way a vehicle drives and handles are NOT what most people are looking for. We want a sensible suspension that gets us onto some bigger tires for a MUCH better look and some extra clearance for the occasional weekend trail ride.


If this describes you, then Rocky Road has the answer. Our 2005-2010 Grand Cherokee lifts are easy to install, retain the stock suspension springs, and don't screw up your vehicle. After installation of a Rocky Road lift, you will still have the same safe and sane handling on your daily driver.


Our kit uses a steel spacer that mounts with your stock rear springs. This eliminates the problem with many systems on the market today for Jeeps.... STIFF springs. Most companies choose the lowest bid when farming out production of their springs which means the customer oftimes gets stuck with a ride that is worse than stock. Our system retains your factory springs so your ride quality and load capacity are not diminished.


We also include a full steel outer strut spacer for the front suspension. This lift component mounts outside of the factory strut and so avoids stiffening the suspension. Any kits you might stumble across that use an inside strut spacer will stiffen the vehicle so much as to make this ride quality very uncomfortable. We tried this design with the IFS Jeep strut system and absolutely hated the ride quality. The exterior strut setup doesn't pre-load your spring, so you get full smooth factory ride quality with no worries on ball joint or control arm complications.


Our exterior strut design is also a bonus for those do-it-yourselfers who want to try their hand at their own installation. Since our system does not require disassembly of the strut, you can do install the lift in your own driveway with standard hand tools. Our technicians noted that the installation of this lift was actually easier than any other Jeep on the market, including Cherokee, Wrangler, CJ, etc.


If you do wish to purchase new shocks though, Rocky Road exclusively uses our exclusive Rocky Road Engineered shocks for Grand Cherokees as the superior shock for your Jeep. You get superior valving for excellent ride quality on this upgraded shock.


The stock shocks are marginal at this lift height. You might be able to run with stock stocks, but we do not recommend it. For this reason, we offer a full suspension lift with shocks, and without. The kit with shocks is equipped with our Rocky Road engineered shocks. An excellent choice since they're built perfect for the medium weight of the Grand Cherokee and not for vehicles weighing thousands of lbs more.


Grand Cherokee (WK) Lift Kit, 2005-2010

SKU: GC7120
    • Grand Cherokee (WK) 2005-2010


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