The Only WK2 Lift Kit NOT made in China!


Grand Cherokee (WK2) 2.75" Lift Kit, full front and rear for maximum lift height!


PLEASE NOTE: Only the non-Air suspension Jeeps may be lifted. This kit fits the coil spring model Grand Cherokees ONLY. Will not work on a Quadra-lift equipped Jeep.


The suspension lift system was capped at 2.5" so as to not exceed the factory tolerances which are built into this model Jeep as a result of the Airbag equipped suspensions. For those who purchased an airbag suspension for your Jeep, unfortunately you will never be able to install a permanent lift system to your Jeep. They can lift and lower by pushing the buttons, but will never be able to install larger tires since the suspension will always return to its original "stock height"


Use the same kit that Jeep dealers do! Why mess with the ride quality of the nicest Jeep ever made? Our WK2 lift kit retains the factory ride quality and is less expensive and easier to install than replacing springs and struts.


This 2.75" lift kit is ideal for those wanting to run tires 31" or larger. Lift-Leveling Kits with a shorter rear lift, will not fit 31" and larger tires without hitting.


Save over 1 hour of installation time with the Rocky Road kit versus (Rough Country and) other WK2 kits, as our components do NOT require strut disassembly!   If you are paying a shop to install your lift, this can easily save $1-200 in your total bill, and those kits also make it impossible to install at home without specialized strut machines.


The bottom line is that many Jeep owners do want to spice up their Jeep a bit, but suspensions that change the way a vehicle drives and handles are NOT what most people are looking for. We want a sensible suspension that gets us onto some bigger tires for a MUCH better look and some extra clearance for the occasional weekend trail ride.... Something that separates you from the pack.

If this describes you, then Rocky Road has the answer. Our 2011+ Grand Cherokee lifts are all bolton. No cutting, welding, drilling is required. And since our lift height is no taller than the airbag suspension at full height, no compromise in the factory warranty on the Jeep either.


The kit retains the stock suspension springs, and the stock high performance shocks. After installation of a Rocky Road lift, you will still have the same safe and sane handling on your daily driver... just taller and better.


Rocky Road kits use heavy duty steel spacer components that mount with your stock rear springs. Also included are shock mount relocation kits so that full suspension travel is maintained and vehicle load leveling systems are not altered or upset. Our system retains your factory springs and shocks so your ride quality and load capacity are not diminished.


Another important component in our suspension system is a full heavy duty steel strut spacer system for the front suspension. These lift components mount outside of the factory strut and so avoid stiffening the suspension or altering the handling.  The exterior strut mount design doesn't pre-load your spring, so you get full smooth factory ride quality. And the Heavy Duty factory front strut shocks are not modified so the suspension works exactly as it did before the lift was installed.


As with all of our steel accessories for the 2011+ Grand Cherokee, the front and rear suspension lift components all come with a full lifetime guarantee!


Grand Cherokee WK2 2.75" Lift Kit, 2011-2020

    • 2011-2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • 2011-2019 Dodge Durango (2 and 4wd models)


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