The most rugged radio communication antennas available in the US, for the US frequencies.


Most mobile antennas and their various mounts were designed for general mobile (pavement, over-the-road, highway) vehicles.  Alamosa's mobile antennas are designed specifically for off-road scenarios.  These kind of terrain rock your vehicle back and forth and to and fro ad naseum.  These rutted and corrugated roads leave your teeth chattering and your suspension begging to stop.  These weather conditions where Celsius and Fahrenheit are measured at the same scale number.


The rugged antenna tuned specifically for the ITU Region 2, in the 2 meter VHF radio band 144-148MHz.  The copper, internal antenna is encased in a fiberglass radome weatherproof and fixed cover.


49" total length, with the same new revised design as the latest GMRS antennas.   


Fed by RG58-A/U coax, with an FME connector for easy routing through bullbar mount holes, and vehicle firewalls or headliners.


This antenna has an exceptionally strong base spring and designed to be mounted on a sturdy mount such as a metal front bumper/bull


Ham/Amateur Rugged Mobile Radome Antenna NEW DESIGN 2m VHF 49" 144-148MHz

SKU: H146R1