The Propex HS2800 Furnace is a high-output propane gas fired furnace.

Pumping out a sweltering 9500 BTU, the HS2800 is like a hot-rodded HS2000. 


This blown air heating system offers thermostatically controlled heat totally independent of the engine and class-leading energy efficiency.  Designed especially for recreational vehicles and marine use.


High Power combined with Low Running Costs

The HS2800 is the most powerful hot air furnace available from Propex.  The clever design and advanced electronics makes sure that this high-power furnace is also very economical to run.


The average consumption is less than 8 oz of propane per hour.  Which means that a 29 lb tank of gas will last 58 hours if left on continuously!


Safety First

Safety is always our top priority at Propex.  In addition to passing strict European standards the furnace’s intelligent electronics constantly monitor the operation of the heater to make sure everything is operating perfectly.


The flame, case temperature, combustion airflow, gas solenoid valve and voltage are scanned continuously.  If a problem is detected the heater will instantly switch off and the red light on the thermostat will flash to let you know there is an issue.


Automatic Thermostatic Control

The solid-state electronic thermostat is an easy to fit surface mount design.  It automatically switches the unit on and off to maintain the desired interior temperature.  When the temperature drops below the selected level, the HS2800 will automatically ignite and run until the cabin reaches your ideal temperature.


The intelligent electronics use minimal electric current during ignition so cycling the HS2800 on and off does not have the effect of additional battery drain.


Quieter by design

We always choose the finest motors and fans for blown air heaters.  By carefully selecting only the highest quality balanced fans and installing smooth enclosed motors with ball race bearings, noise is kept to a bare minimum.  This combined with clever electronics means that any noise is kept to a bare minimum. 


Vehicles and caravans

The furnace is usually mounted in a bed-box or cupboard, flued downwards through the floor and out to the side of the vehicle using the flexible stainless ducting.  The heat is ducted to one or more outlets through tough highly flexible 2.36 inch (60mm) or 3 inch (76mm) ducting.


Marine applications

The marine kit features a stylish and polished stainless steel through hull fitting which accepts the stainless steel pipes for the flue outlet and the combustion air inlet.  Extra ducting and stainless steel bulkhead mounting brackets are also included with the HS2800 marine installation kit.


In the case of multi-outlet installations, the first outlet is an open outlet with directional control and the rest are closable and are used in conjunction with the appropriate sized plastic Y-branches.


High-Output Internal 9500 BTU Gas Air Heater - by Propex

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    • Suitable for: Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Cranes, Horseboxes, Trucks & RVs. Propex Heatsource HS2211 propane-fired externally vented camping heater kit, 6500 btu.


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