Why in the heck would anyone chose an AAL kit? Only one reason..... complete disregard for ride quality in exchange for a cheap price-tag.


Do yourself a favor and don't get suckered by the most low-budget setup on the market. You get what you pay for and you'll never regret spending just a bit more for the best system on the market.


Add A Leaf kits exist for only one reason, they're CHEAP.  One single spring has to lift the vehicle, fight gravity, and fight all the other springs in the pack.  This is one darn stiff spring. 


AAL kits never ride well and their lifespan is very short. We get calls regularly from some poor sucker who purchased an AAL kit from another shop, and either can't stand the stiff/rough ride, or he lost his lift height from saggy springs.


Add A Leaf systems are also so stiff they eliminate all flex from your rear leaf springs.  If you want your Jeep to have the suspension flex of a mini-van,  maybe AAL kits are for you?  But for those  people who want the most out of their 4x4 Comanche though, AAL kits are the worst thing you can do to your vehicle.


You want the best experience and adventure out on the trail or backroads in your Comanche, we got you covered.  See the features tab to the right for whats included in the full kit.





* The SOA only kit includes ONLY our rear SOA setup... Hardware pack, Anti-wrap springpads, Spring plates.


Jeep Comanche MJ (86-92) - Lift Kit 5 in and 6 in