If you view the front control arms on a stock Jeep, they sit at or very close to flat (parallel with the ground).  The reason for this is control and ride quality.


When you are driving, you want all the bumps and jolts to be absorbed by the springs and shocks.  You do NOT want them transmitted up thru the rigid mounted control arm and into your frame (and from there right to you).


Automobile engineers understand that flat arms do not transmit bad bumps and knocks into the frame.  However, control arms that sit at a angle from frame to axle, end up transmitting a good deal of the impact energy (from bumps) up into the frame... and not thru the springs and shocks.


Ultimately what this means is that your ride quality suffers. Which it really doesn't need to if the control arm issue had been properly addressed to begin with.  It is a similar situation with tracking.


The flatter the control arms sit, the better your Jeep will track and more stable it will feel at higher speeds.  The Rocky Road CAD system flattens out the control arms to keep you riding as smooth as possible.  Note in the picture top left how flat the control arms are on this Jeep with about 6" of lift.


CAD systems are appropriate for use on lifts 4" or taller.  We would not recommend the system for anything less than 4", but the taller your lift, the more this system makes sense for optimal ride quality and handling.


Rocky Road systems come with the rear mounted brace and skid guard.  Other kits on the market charge additional for these items and make them an option.  Our testing indicates that this cannot really be an 'optional' item.  It is required for not only a full strength mounting system, but also for the best trail handling.


Our metal fabrication is also MUCH more heavy duty than any other kit on the market.  They all come from China with the primary purpose of being cheap.  Do you want cheap Chinese junk for your Jeep?  Of course not!!  Buy American made, buy strength, buy engineering, buy quality


Jeep Comanche MJ / Cherokee XJ (84-01) - Control Arm Drop Kit

    • Jeep Comanche (MJ)  1986-1992
    • Jeep Cherokee (XJ)  1984-2001


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