These super heavy duty XJ shackles give your Cherokee an extra 1.5" of lift or a Comanche 1" of lift.  Forget about Add A Leaf suspensions that flatten out quickly and ride very rough. Our XJ shackles come with grease-impregnated bushings and greasable fittings!


Total length is 6" (eye to eye).  Look around and you'll find many other shackles do not even come with a welded cross-brace.  This is very important in lateral stability for your Jeep as the tail will wag with with sloppiness is the shackles are not built strong enough or reinforced well enough.  Our shackles use 3/8" gusseted construction all around.


A great way to compliment lifted springs and smooth out your ride a bit, and/or level up a tired set of rear springs to match your fronts.


Jeep Comanche MJ/XJ (84-01) - Heavy Duty Lift Shackles

    • Jeep Comanche (MJ)  1986-1992
    • Jeep Cherokee (XJ)  1984-2001