We have corrected some information as well as updated the product page to indicate that these are now the "Wheel-To-Wheel" version represented in the pictures.  The original 'Shorty" versions are still available if you desire a budget friendly version of Rock-Sliders, contact us directly at sales@12degnorth.com




Shopping for rock sliders???

Question 1... do you want cheap sliders which are for show, or ones that will last, and protect? Yes!
Question 2... do you want blunt ends on your sliders? So that they ram onto rocks instead of sliding over them? Slide....
Question 3... do you want to be able to use a HiLift on your sliders? Yes!
Question 4... do you want your rock sliders to look like a high school shop project, or a factory grade finished work of art? Of course yes!
Question 5... and for the love of God... Do you really want to WELD rock sliders to your vehicle? NO!


Rocky Road Jeep Cherokee WK2 Rock Sliders are the new creme' de la creme' of the rocker protection world.  Using 3/16" inner hitch steel to make sure your bars do NOT bend, anything other than hitch steel is just plain flimsy.


Most other Jeep Cherokee WK Rock Sliders are made from thin 1/8" wall tube material.  Alot of shops refer to these as Nerf bars.  An appropriate name since they will offer about as much protection to your vehicle as a Nerf toy product would.


Our Jeep Cherokee WK2 Rock Sliders have a very sleek rounded look about them as we use genuine inner hitch steel in their construction.  Hitch steel is not only very strong, it also has a nice radius corner instead of a hard boxy look.  Inner hitch steel is the stuff you use to plug into 2" receiver hitches.  Its sheer weight is astronomical as is its bending strength.  Our shop press only goes to 40 tons and we can't even start to bend them.


Why hitch steel?

Why not go with a lesser gauge steel to save production costs?


Because we wouldn't trust anything less to protect our vehicles and neither should you!  Besides, since these carry the Rocky Road **lifetime guarantee**, we don't want to have to replace them for you for free every couple years or so.  We made them indestructible so they'll last forever and they are guaranteed forever, NEVER to bend on you!


>> Want some video proof? <<


Our Jeep Cherokee WK2 Rock Sliders are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. Rocky Road rock slider kits can be installed by anyone at home.  No vehicle cutting or modification is needed.  Instructions outline the simple bolt on process for installation.  Save money doing it yourself and you'll be shocked at the short installation time!


You'll find the Jeep Cherokee WK2 Rock Sliders are very attractive and will blend in nicely with your stock flares and moldings as pictured above.  They run fender to fender and many folks have commented on their very OEM (factory) look.  They tuck tighter to the body than any other rocker on the market as well.


Our new redesigned Tire-2-Tire rock slider kits which remove the stock plastic running board pieces and allow us to build a slider which goes all the way end to end on your tires.  These kits tuck higher than the standard kits and mimic the look of the much loved, but now deceased MOPAR rock slider kits.


The new Tire-2-Tire kits though are MUCH easier to install.  Watch a video on the old MOPAR kits and see what a pain it was to fish up nuts and bolts on a coat hanger inside of your running board panels, while gouging and scraping out the factory foam from that area for rust protection and noise deadening.


No Thanks!


The Rocky Road kits have a much simpler and more straightforward system for mounting using a combination of existing mounting holes and new stainless Nutserts for a simpler and very strong mounting system.


Not so sure you want to remove your plastic running boards?  Not a problem. Contact your 12° North Represenative about a set of original style kit.  Options!


Rocky Road kits tuck up tight!


These two points are easily observed engineering advantages the Rocky Road kit offers... but there are many more.


This is basically the same proven design as our world famous Rockrails, only with the extra slider tube up top.


Our FLAT-OUT Superslider kits provide a flat Superslider option, for those who want a wider flat step off the vehicle (same position as our Kicker Slider kits withoout the rear flaring out feature).


Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Rock Sliders (11-21)

$749.00 Regular Price
$689.08Sale Price
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2  (2011-2021)


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