Now available with a C-A-T Tourniquet!


Chinook LIFE Kits are the answer to emerging standards for public access to bleeding control supplies during a natural disaster, active shooter, bombing, and other mass casualty incident.


This product cannot be shipped outside the United States (except APO/FPO addresses).


The LIFE Kit Intermediate includes the same supplies as the Basic Kit, with the addition of a hemostatic dressing to treat moderate to severe bleeding in wounds that cannot be controlled with a tourniquet.


Stopping arterial blood loss is the first priority and the most important lifesaving technique one can perform in order to help save a life. Exsanguination (bleeding to death) can happen in less than 5 minutes. Having the right supplies at the right time is critical when every second counts! 


•    Highly visible packaging with multiple tear notches
•    Color-coded Just-In-Time product instructions enable anyone to provide care
•    Effective Tourniquet for arterial bleeding, such as the easy-to-use Stretch, Wrap, and Tuck Tourniquet (SWAT-T) or the C-A-T Tourniquet
•    Blood Clotting Gauze for additional bleeding control
•    Compact and lightweight -- fits in glove boxes, desk drawers, cargo pockets and more



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    Common misconceptions about severe bleeding control


    Severe bleeding isn't that common so it isn't a practical first aid skill regular citizens need to learn.


    Trauma is the leading cause of death in Americans 1-44 years of age. Severe bleeding is one of the leading preventable causes of trauma death. Severe bleeding can become life-threatening or even fatal in less than 5 minutes.


    Only professional responders have the ability to control severe bleeding.


    If you can learn CPR and use an AED, then you can easily learn to control severe bleeding. With basic training and the right supplies, anyone can be empowered to stop severe bleeding.


    Tourniquets cause more harm than good.


    Extensive military studies and modern use in the field have proven tourniquets to be an effective and low-risk way to save lives during emergencies. Modern, commercially manufactured tourniquets are highly effective, easy-to-use, and are the definitive way to stop severe bleeding in an extremity.

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