Our Best Selling Water Filter System!


The Model 500/512 features a powerful ultra violet water purifier lamp for residential or recreational use and is capable of producing 3 gallons per minute of safe, clean, and great tasting water in most any situation. At 3gpm this water purifier system is able to provide water for most campers, rv's, boats and nearly any household faucet or tap This simple to install, use and upkeep water filter system will provided clean drinking water for the water faucet in your home, or boating and rv adventure for many years.

Complete 3-Stage Water Filtration System

The Model 500/512 UV water filtration system was created for homes on cisterns, wells, lakes, streams, and filtering rainwater catchment systems. With 3 stages of filtration it is ideal for homes, boats or rvs on a water supply with a high level of sediment and contaminants.


The First Stage Pre-filtration is a 1m sediment filter that removes any particles larger than 1 micron, before sending the water on to the Second Stage: a .5 micron carbon block filter which removes choline, taste and odors along with any microorganisms and any particals that could potentially provide sheltering shadows to any microorganisms BEFORE they are exposed to the ultraviolet light sterilization in the Third Stage.


As with any Water Safe Pro UV filtration system, the water is exposed to germicidal UV in the final stage, destroying any bacteria, algae, viruses or other harmful microorganisms which may be present in your drinking water.

Available Power Sources 12v or 120v:

The Model 500/512 comes in either 12vDC or 120vAC power sources. The Model 500 is the 120vac version and the Model 512 is the 12vdc version. Both uv water filter systems include all of the above features. The only differnce between the two is the ballast that drives the 14w UV lamp. If you purchase one version and would like the option to switch to the other all you will need to do is switch out the ballast on top of the unit.


The Model 500 is perfect for homes and situations where a generator provides the power, whereas the Model 512 is perfect for off-grid boats, RVs, and emergency applications where 110v AC connections are not available.



NOTE:  Our recomendation is to consider the 12v version (Model 512), despite how convenient and nice it would be to have one of each, we realize that may not always be in someones budget.  The way we consider it, small solar panels can be a method of recharging the battery as well the engine providing gas is still available.  


Any 12v source can be easier found during times when power grids may not be up.  And at the worst case scenario, any cordless house phone or  large hair trimmer sometimes offer power supplys that could be sacrificed if the grid was still up.


If you're installing this under a sink or near the water meter for a whole house unit, the  choice is yours.



MODEL 500/512 UV Water Filter System

    • Rv Water Filter Systems
    • Houseboat Lake Water Filtration Systems
    • Camper Water Filter System
    • Marine Water Filtration Systems
    • 12v Off Grid Water Filtration
    • Cabin Water Systems
    • Rainwater Filtration Systems
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    • Dock Water Filter Systems


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