The National Luna Portable Power Pack is a removeable, compact battery box with built-in split-charge isolator, ideal for modern vehicles that cannot accomodate a second battery in the engine compartment. The design of the Portable Power Pack allows it to be used as a standby power pack for 12-volt appliances.
The Portable Power Pack features fused accessory plugs, a polarised high-power plug and built-in battery monitor with low-battery and over-charge warnings. The built-in plugs can be used for low-power accessories such as refrigerators, pumps, compressors, lights and other 12-volt electronic devices.


The high-current input-output can be used for higher power requirements such as invertors or battery chargers. The built-in split-charge isolator is fully automatic and does not require additional hardware in the application vehicle.


National Luna Portable Battery Pack

SKU: EC0M018
$540.00 Regular Price
$460.00Sale Price
    • Simple installation
    • Removeable / Portable design
    • Fully automatic split-charge isolator
    • Built-in battery monitor and input voltage monitor
    • Remote battery monitor port (for remote dual battery controller)
    • Slide-lock lid
    • Bolt-down / Strap-down design
    • Electronics isolated from battery compartment
    • Can accomodate standard automotive battery types
    • 7-metre heavy-duty cable supplied with attached coupler
    • Fuse-protected plugs and connections
    • Battery hold-down bracket supplied
    • In-line fuse supplied
    • Additional battery terminals and hardware supplied
    • Additional cables, hardware and monitors available separatelly
  • Dimensions 20" L x 10" W x 12" H | 500mm L x 250mm W x 300mm H

    Weight (Excluding

    Battery & Cables)

    12 lbs | 5.5 kg
    Split-Charge Input 50 amp Red Anderson Charge Input
    Coupler 50 amp Grey Anderson Input-Output Coupler (60A Fused)
    Connectors Hella Style Output (15A fused)
    Remote Port Suits Removable Data Cable for Dual Battery Controller

    Battery Monitors


    14-Stage Auxiliary Monitor (11.4V - 14.2V) & 7- Stage Input Voltage Monitor (12.6V - 14.2V)

    Power Supply

    8Vdc - 15Vdc (Display Range Only : 11.4V -


    Power Consumption  (Average)            60mA (On Standby)
    Power Consumption (Max) 780mA (When Solenoid Is Engaged)

    Switched Current


    85 amp

    Switched Current


    400 amp
    Cables (1) 23' Red + (1) 23' Black with Connector


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