***PRODUCT UPDATE::  We are now offering as a complete kit, see Specifications Tab for more information.***



One of the benefits of Phenolic/Thermal Intake Manifold Spacers is that they separate the heat between your heads and your intake manifold.


Now, even though Phenolic/Thermal Intake Manifold Spacers sounds like an off-the-shelf product for the track vehicle, these are actually quite an overlooked modification you can perform to your own vehicle without getting into exotic parts and higher costs for little return on your investment.


Anyone driving a Ford Ranger or Explorer can tell you how hot the underhood temps get and when you lower your intake temperatures, then you are improving performance, this means more horses in the stable of your engine, and more torque available pushing you. 


This phenolic intake spacer for the Ford 4.0L V6 SOHC engines offers a 3/8" thick increasing volume in the runners and prevents the transfer of heat from the engine to the intake.

4.0L SOHC Phenolic Intake Spacer

    • Ford Ranger/Explorer (1998-2011) 4.0L V6 SOHC engines