Do you need additional power?


Have you always wanted a dual battery system but didn't know how to store that 2nd battery?


Front Runner offers a safe and off-road tough Power Box to house a spare battery in your vehicle, trailer, cargo bed, or camper so you can stop worrying about auxiliary power and start enjoying the adventure.




*NOTE: No cabling or connectors are supplied with this product. It is recommended that a qualified auto electrician handle all wiring requirements.


Power Box Battery Holder - by Front Runner

$395.00 Regular Price
$329.00Sale Price
    • If your engine compartment lacks space for a 2nd battery, the Front Runner Power Box Battery holder is a convenient and versatile option to safely house the additional battery.
    • A secondary battery can be used to power a fridge, auxiliary lights or other equipment that runs off 12V.
    • The Power Box is supplied with a built-in and easy to read digital Volt meter to monitor the battery voltage and an Amp meter monitors the current drawn of any items connected to the Power Box.
    • The Power Box accepts various battery sizes up to 105A and has an adjustable clamp to keep the battery secure inside the box. Maximum battery dimensions: 340mm (13.4“) L x 175mm (6.9“) W x 240mm (9.5“) H.
    • Can be mounted with a ratchet strap or bolted to any flat surface via 4 pre-existing holes in the base (hardware and strap not included). Use the channels to hold Black Tie Down Rings (not included) for even more securing options.
    • The front compartment accepts the following charger units: DCC Pro In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger, D250S Dual Battery Charger and DIY Split Charge System Kit.
    • Suitable for your vehicle, trailer or camper.
    • Made from steel and powder coated for protection.
    • Extra socket panel inserts are available such as USB Socket Panel Insert, Merit Socket Panel Insert, Engel Socket Panel Insert and 12V Auxiliary Power Outlet Panel Insert. (sold separately)
    • The socket panel module can be fitted to either the top, left or right-hand side of the Power Box.
    • The socket panel module can be rotated and secured in 4 orientations on the side panels and 2 orientations on the top panel for ultimate flexibility.
  • Consists of:
    1 x Power Box Battery Holder
    1 x Digital Volt Meter
    1 x Digital Amp Meter
    1 x Fuse Block Incl Fuses
    1 x BMC 50A Connector Red (Anderson Plug)
    1 x BMC 50A Connector Grey (Anderson Plug)

    Materials used:
    Black powder coated steel
    Black powder aluminum

    Product Dimensions:
    520mm (20.5") L x 200mm (7.9") W x 282mm (11.1") H

    Maximum Battery Dimensions:
    340mm (13.4") L x 175mm (6.9") W x 240mm (9.5") H

    10.8kg (23.8lbs)

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