Features and benefits:

Note that the RCPM will NOT work with Samsung phones!


Compatible with Gen II Source system. Upgrade required if you have a Gen I at this time.


Compatible with iOs 6.3 or newer and Android 4.3 or newer. The apps will only work with these versions and newer.


NOTE: Carling Technologies Contura V laser etched rockers/actuators are compatible with the Carling Technologies switches used in the sPOD. Receive a free VRT-CAR actuator tool when purchasing 6 or more Contura V rockers/actuators.


Remote Control Power Module

    • Utilizing Bluetooth™ 4.0 Smart with a general range of up to 25 feet. Distance may vary depending on surrounding.
    • Automatic pairing with smart phone, or PIN invoked pairing
    • Added security using a PIN. Giving it a unique PIN will privatize you’re RCPM.
    • System override for added protection with built in safety override features
    • Compatible iOs 6.3 or newer and Android 4.3 or newer. The app will NOT work with all Samsung phones
    • Allows full control of the sPOD power distribution system wirelessly using most smart phones
    • Ability to control, switch On/Off, electrical accessories normally switched on and off by the sPOD switch panel mounted inside the vehicle somewhere VIA any smart phone
    • Customizable switch colors, on graphical interface on smart phone, to match your switch panel
    • Customizable switch labeling on graphical interface on smart phone.
    • The kit includes three items: Transceiver and Interface cable. Free downloadable APP from any app store VIA the smart phone.
    • Switching can be set at Momentary or On/Off
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