Ride-On® Auto Formula tire sealant is an innovative orange gel that has been specially formulated to seal punctures, prevent leaks, balance tires, and extend tire life in all automobile, light truck, SUV, RV, van, and trailer tires.  Ride On is designed to seal most slow leaks and punctures (efficiency of 85-95%) in the crown area of a tire caused by nails, screws, thorns, road debris, and virtually any perforating object up to 1/4" in diameter.


Ride On also helps your tires maintain proper inflation and run cooler, which can increase their life by up to 25% or more (of course, this is critically dependent on how and where you drive your vehicle).  A vehicle equipped with Ride On will benefit from better handling, better fuel economy, longer lasting tires, and most importantly, a safer ride.  This version of Ride-On has been specifically formulated for passenger cars and light trucks – install Ride-On now in your car, SUV, minivan, or pickup truck to obtain these benefits for all your vehicles!  It might be colored orange, but you'll think it's worth its weight in gold.

Ride-On is used by the military, Postal Service, police and fire departments nationwide. Other Ride-On formulas are also available for motorcycles and bicycles, as well as for industrial vehicles, commercial trucks, and other commercial uses.

To balance or not to balance … that’s the question!

Ride-On® Truck/SUV Formula Tire Sealant

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  • NOTE: Inovex Industries recommends that if you are installing Ride-On TPS into new tires, you first dynamically balance them on a balancer BEFORE you install the Ride-On sealant into the tires. While the tire is on the bala