Have you ever lost something and felt the uneasiness in the pit of your stomach?


Have you ever had something stolen from you with absolutely NO recourse?


Have you ever had your identity stolen and your life ruined?


Now is the time to protect yourself and your personal information embedded in your financial cards. Invest in the ROCO RFID Blocking Money Clip TODAY!

What exactly is RFID?

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification Denoting technologies that use radio waves to identify people and objects carrying encoded chips. These can be found in credit cards, passports, access cards, or other forms of ID.


  • Increase your security by investing in the single best solution to blocking RFID waves and the theft of your personal information.
  • Carry your wealth in style with the sleek and stylish, aluminum encased wallet. Although slim in size, it can carry up to 20 cards and cash!
  • Quality products through quality contruction has allowed ROCO to provide YOU with a protective wallet that will last you a lifetime. You will never
    need to buy another wallet again!

Isn’t it time you take back the control from these thieves and stop walking around in fear that your private, personal information is being stolen? Then click on the Add to Cart button now to choose the single best RFID Blocking Money Clip by ROCO today!


ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet RFID BLOCKING Money Clip - No.2

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    • IMPROVED VERSION - With wider band to provide easy use of our unique minimal wallet
    • BLOCK THE THIEVES - Thieves are becoming increasingly smarter in stealing personal information. With RFID Blocking Money Clip, keep your personal information contained within your credit cards safe!
    • SUPREME QUALITY - ROCO is committed to designing quality products. It’s for this reason the ROCO MINIMALIST wallet was designed to be ultra slim crafted with a high grade aluminum. Crafted with a patented, flexible silicone band, the ROCO MINIMALIST RFID Blocking Money Clip is highly flexible, yet won't lose its strength & stability.
    • ULTRA SLIM - ROCO's engineers desired to create a minimalist wallet which would be perfect for business cards, credit cards, driver’s license, and so much more.
    • Elegant, compact design allows for front pocket or rear pocket storage. Even with its slim design
    • The ROCO MINIMALIST RFID Blocking Money Clip can hold up to 20 cards.
    • PREMIER CRAFTSMANSHIP - ROCO pursued an obsessive attention to detail & our wallets are made from top industry standard aluminium metal.
    • Each individual piece is uniquely crafted for superior strength and stability.


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