Product Description


Factor 55 introduces a new line of Aluminum Short Drum Competition Hawse fairleads. This 1.0″ thick fairlead is CNC machined from 1 inch thick USA 6000 series aluminum bar. The industry standard fairlead thickness is .75 inches thick.


The thicker, Factor 55 aluminum bar results in a larger outer fillet radius for the synthetic rope to slide against. This results in less stress on the rope fibers during high angular pulls, increasing the life of your expensive synthetic rope.


The Short Drum Comp Fairlead is the industry’s first Hawse fairlead compatible with the larger ½ inch diameter rope tube thimbles. The rope slot height opening is taller to allow the larger ½ inch thimbles to pass through. There is also a machined outer corner chamfer to reduce rope stress for those that plan on using the winch as a front suspension “suck down” device. These fairleads come in a durable MIL-A8625F TYPE III gun metal gray hard anodized finish with a machined logo.


The Short Drum Comp Fairlead is used  by the top competitors in the ULTRA4 Racing circuit and by professional rock crawlers around the world.


The Short Drum Comp Fairlead is ultra lightweight from having maximum material removed and yet extremely rigid to handle front end impacts.


For synthetic winch rope only.


Warning – Always confirm that the synthetic rope cannot make contact to any sharp edges like the opening the steel fairlead mounting plate or bumper opening. In some cases it may be required to grind this slot larger. Always sand and deburr this opening after any grinding operation.






Product Specifications


Short Drum Comp Fairlead

  • Thickness 1.0”
  • Ultra Lightweight- 36oz
  • Extremely rigid
  • Standard 10″ bolt spacing
  • Tumbled and deburred
  • MIL TYPE III Hard Gray anodized
  • Machined Logo
  • Precision engineered – Made in the USA.

Short Drum Comp Fairlead



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