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RRO Toyota FJ Cruiser Rock Rails & Sliders are the creme' de la creme' of the rocker protection world. The Rock Sliders have a very sleek rounded look about them which adds to the time and effort of manufacturing a great kit that actually looks as good as it protects.


Base Rock-Rail (Sliders) -- All RRO Rock-Rail variants have the base Rock-Rail as the core of your under-armor added protection. RRO Rock-Rails are the strongest, thickest, and most protective bars on the market, with the best mounting system, and utmost minimalist approach at offering the maximum protection, and are guaranteed NEVER to bend or dent. We dare you to try.


The first of many engineering details of the RRO Rock-Rail variants have is the ends of the base Rock-Rails have a beautifully finished beveled edge at a 45° angle creating a ramp feature which slides up and over any rock or stump you might come across on the trail or without sacrificing length of the slider along the lower rocker panel for that wheel to wheel coverage.


Naysayers try to defeat this feature question by cutting production costs (to increase profit) by offering a lower price and purposely making the end a blunt square. It’s all true until you get hung up on the trail because of that very thing, and by that time it’s too late.


If it was worth $20 at each end, why would you want to spend hours recovering your vehicle on the open trail or desert floor possibly to just save $20?  How much is your time worth?  We hope to earn more than $10 hr.


The core of all RRO Rock-Rails and Rock-Sliders are designed and made using thick inner hitch steel to make sure your bars do NOT bend!  We use 3/16" when most other Toyota FJ Cruiser Rock Sliders are created from a thinner 1/8" or similar wall tube materials. Often shops refer to these as Nerf bars, which is appropriate since they will offer about as much protection to your vehicle as a Nerf product would.

Why not go with a lesser gauge steel to save production costs?  Because, these carry the RRO **Lifetime Guarantee**! The last thing we want is to replace them for free every couple years or so because we took a shortcut in quality just to make a couple extra bucks for nothing, and because we wouldn't trust anything less to protect our own vehicles and neither should you!

We made them damn near indestructible so they'll last forever and they are guaranteed forever, NEVER to bend on you!


>> Want some video proof? <<


In recent years, much has changed in the manufacturing of many vehicle manufacturing name plates, the materials used and how they look on the exteriors of later model vehicles.  A change was noticed and we opted to change with the times and part of the inclusive pricing/production that goes into RRO Rock-Sliders is the powder coating.  The newest black textured powder coating used does so well to match so many of the OEM exterior plastics on your truck or SUV.


You'll find your Toyota FJ Cruiser Rock-Sliders are very attractive and blend in nicely with your stock OEM flares and moldings as pictured above. They run fender to fender and many folks have commented on their very OEM (factory) appearance. They tuck tighter to the body than any other rocker on the market. The RRO kits tuck up tight!


Your new Toyota FJ Cruiser Rock-Rails are very simple to install and are completely 'bolt on'. We use a series of existing mounting holes on the vehicle because we have a lot of DIY and mechanically inclined customers, so we offer a product that is DIY friendly. They are in most applications designed to bolt on with a general set of basic mechanics tools. At times, some drilling may still may be required and necessary depending on the application. But they are designed to work without any additional modifications.


Super-Slider/Flat-Out Slider -- Protection of these rocker bars offer all the strength and warranty of our regular Rock-Rails, but with the added bonus of an additional secondary tube.  This secondary tube, at a 45° angle upwards and out, can provide even more protection with a minimalist look against sliding into rocks, trees, or other trail hazards.  Although not a true step in design, the style makes for step-like access to roof racks along the length of the secondary tube.


Flat-Out Slider -- kit also with an additional secondary tube. This secondary tube at a 90° angle outwards and parallel adds more of a step feature without the rear flaring out like our Kick-Sliders below. This also provides an excellent jack point for a Hi-Lift or other style jack and is plenty strong to serve as a jack or side-pull winch point. Everyone who has seen these on our shop 4x4 demo’s has wanted a pair.  They are unequaled in strength and looks.


Kick-Sliders -- Protection these rocker bars offer all the strength and warranty of our regular Rock-Rails, also with the added bonus of an additional secondary tube that is flat-out 90° adding in an open top running board style with a small flare that extends approx 6.25” x 14.5” out from the base Rock-Rail before the rear wheel adding as a complete covered step area making excellent access to the roof racks and such.  This secondary tube can also provide protection against sliding into rocks, trees, or other trail hazards.

Full Covered Kick-Slider -- much like it sounds and you would expect, it offers a completely covered top plate compared to the regular Kick-Sliders and that is beyond the step portion for those who have furry co-pilots, children, or a need for a running board style with all the protection you wouldn’t get much anywhere else, least of all with a running board of any brand.



Sold In Pairs


Toyota FJ Cruiser (07-14) - Rock Sliders

PriceFrom $539.10
    • Toyota FJ Cruiser (2007-2010)
    • Toyota FJ Cruiser (2011-2014)


*Many products will require the use of a direct shipping quote from one of our CSR agents due to new DIM weights and measure changes as of Jan 10th, 2018 from major carriers.

Packages greater than a square cubic foot are now required to use a “volumetric weight” based upon length, width, height of a package from most carriers which alters actual weights. Oversized / Unique shaped packages are most affected and may not apply to your specific purchase(s). However, IN ORDER to save you, the customer, shipping costs, associated fees, and to keep product costs down, we are taking action to give direct shipping quotes based upon delivery methods available. Your full name and email address, required in the checkout, is so we can offer you a shipping quote. Your item(s) will NOT ship without communication from our CSR agents. We apologize for any inconveniences.*

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