The LP Aventure bumper guard for the 2019 Toyota RAV4 are manufactured in DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel tube of 1.25'' x 0.125'' combined with 1'' x 0.095''. This material is very strong and is often used in the manufacturing of roll cage.


This bumper guard comes with an aluminum front plate,with an engraved LP Aventure logo, that attaches directly to the bumper guard. It adds extra protection of in front of and under the front bumper cover valence while adding a touch of more assertive styling.


In addition, you can install a single SR or Double row LED light bar or two-four pod lights on the 4 upper mounting points. Available in bare metal for color matching/contrast or powder-coated black.


We recommend this option with the purchase of the LP Adventure Bumper Guard, because this skid plate will replace the original plastic under panel, (This plastic panel must be removed when installing the bumper guard ).


Toyota RAV4 19-21 - Bumper Guard & Light Bar