Some Jeepers who have had a lifted Grand Cherokee for awhile and play hard, may have had to change out their upper control arms. Our WK2 Grand Cherokee Control arms are a great alternative.


Its also not uncommon for the stock control arms to contact the spring and make a noise during suspension movement, another issue which our WK2 control arms help minimize.


How does one make sure they're buying the best kit on the market? Well this should end ALL "chat forum" debate over which WK2 control arms are the best in the business....  


MOPAR went looking for THE BEST suspension and control arms on the planet for their 'project' Jeeps (these are the Jeeps that show up at popular 4x4 events, Auto industry & trade around the world), and...


  • MOPAR picked Rocky Road!
  • MOPAR engineers do not just follow a popular thread on a chat forum, or a couple of "testomonials" from close friends of a 4x4 shop.
  • MOPAR does not take the word of non-experts.
  • MOPAR investigates the complete engineering before making any decision... Rocky Road Control Arms were deemed the best engineered by these experts


This ends all online debate. You can't argue Jeep engineering with Jeep engineers, and they chose RRO control arms as the best engineered.


Jeep Grand Cherokee control arms serve the purpose of helping to achieve proper alignment specifications and strut position when a Jeep Grand Cherokee is lifted. The main reason for the upgrade though is that the stock arms can wear out.


The stock Jeep control arms have fixed Tie Rod Ends on them. So WHEN (not if) those wear out, the only fix is to buy all new control arms, and then buy them again, and so on. Rocky Road Control arms are a great alternative. They also provide a little extra clearance for fitting larger tires and keeping the tires off the suspension as well as the control arm from contacting the frame. 


Rocky Road Control arms have a lifetime guarantee never to bend or dent. If they do, send it back and we will replace the arm for you.

As a result of the extremely heavy duty .25 wall DOM tubing we use on our arms, damage will never happen, ever. Stronger control arms, you can not find. The mounting plate for the ball joints is equally overkill. You cannot harm these control arms. The ball joints themselves are very easily changed out should the need ever arise for servicing.


Rocky Road control arm kits come with the Extreme Duty ball joints and dust boot, bushings, and hardware. All are powdercoated in a durable tasteful black. The Rocky Road deluxe control arm kits offer the very best components on the planet. The Rocky Road control arms are for the Jeeper that wants only the best with the highest standards for quality and performance.


Grand Cherokee WK2 UCA (2011-2020)

    • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 (2011-2013)


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