9 inch | 22 cm square Wysi® wipes - Wysi Baby To-Go Tube [12 wipes]

expands from puck comparable in size to a stack of five nickels.  Like traditional wipes its single use, yet Wysi® is durable to rinse, reuse, repeat-repeat-repeat, compost. 


Made of 100% cellulose without any added ingredients.  All you need is a splash of water.  Different liquid -  different use.  Resealable, waterproof bags have a ziplock top to keep Wysi® clean and dry until you need a fresh cloth.


Add-on a few tubes to ensure you have access to Wysi so you can cleanse your baby's sensitive skin with pure clean clear water, or add a solution made in your own kitchen, with ingredients from your pantry. Rest assured you know exactly what is in your baby's skin.


Keep a tube:

  • in the car
  • stroller
  • purse/diaper bag
  • and at Grandma's house


- Parents need convenience; love no added chemicals, fillers, or wetting agents, & are huge fans the only ingredient is all natural pure cellulose! A convenience cloth On The Go with a splash of water is like your bathroom sink, everywhere you are. Take control of what your child is exposed to, and eliminate unknown ingredients on their sensitive skin.

Wysi®-Baby Tube - 12 pieces



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