17x21 inch | 42x58 cm Wysi Cloth - 10 Pieces

Expands with less than a 1/4 cup of liquid. Puck measures 1 3/4" / 45 mm across and is less than 1/2" / 1.5 cm thick. The cloth is large, substantial and can last for days depending on use.


It retains moisture yet wring it out and it dries quickly. Can be used wet or when dried to polish and is great on glass as there is no lint trail.


Snap roll open, drop one puck in sink. First developed for food service, this cloth is substantial enough to last for days and ideal for any shop, garage or work place.

Product is multi-purpose
cloth that doubles well as a hand towel or polishing cloth.


This roll has 10 pucks that each expand to a substantial 17x21" (42x58cm) cloth more similar in size to a small hand towel. It's ideal for large jobs, in the kitchen, shop, or outdoors. Use anywhere you would use a paper towel, shop cloth or clean rag.

Wysi® wipes Compostable Cloth - 10 pieces