The XGB12 Rugged USB Battery Pack is a ruggedly powerful external portable battery pack for recharging your USB devices, like smartphones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, cameras and handheld GPS devices.


Its impact and water resistant rubberized jacketing handles the rigors of the most extreme environments. With 12,000 milliamp-hours of reserve battery power, you can keep your iDevices fully charged and ready to go.



X-Grid Rugged USB 44Wh Battery Pack - by Noco

$60.00 Regular Price
$49.00Sale Price
    • Versatile and user-friendly - Charge and recharge using a 5 Volt Micro USB. Provide back-up power on-the-go for two USB-chargeable devices at once, such as an iPhone, GoPro, or camera. Press the tactile power button to begin charging your device. The LED Glow Light illuminates to allow visibility in contexts such as searching through a backpack at night or on an airplane. The tactile surface aids contact with the distinct "Glow" power button to enable use in dark environments.
    • Compact and lightweight - The power pack's efficiency and lithium technology allow it to be small enough to easily fit in your adventure pack. Our lithium technology ensures and prioritizes quality and safety during use. Its pass-through technology enables the pack to recharge while charging your device, without the fear of overcharging. Ideal for activity in outdoor environments, its charging capabilities preserve the use of your handheld devices on-the-go.
    • Continue doing what you love - An XGB12 Rugged USB Battery Packpower pack enables your devices to be used for longer amounts of time away from the grid. Still take that perfect sunset photo on the last evening of your camping trip with your DSLR. Still capture that GoPro video of your mountainous bike ride the first day, and the next day too. Get over 60 hours of additional talk-time and 400 hours of audio playback for your devices. Recharge an iPhone 6 over five times, a Galaxy S6 four times or an iPad Air more than once.
    • Highly protective rubberized jacketing providing protection from water, dirt, dust, drops, and dings.
    • Recharge an iPhone 6 over five times, a Galaxy S6 four times or an iPad Air more than once.
    • Get an additional 60 hours of talk-time and 400 hours of audio playback.
    • Recharge and charge your devices simultaneously with pass-through technology.
    • Rechargeable from any USB powered port, plus recharge directly from the sun through XGrid Portable Solar Panels (not included).
  • Consists of:
    1 x XGB12 X-Grid Rugged USB Battery Pack

    Product Dimensions:
    191mm (7.5") L x 114mm (4.5") W x 71mm (2.8") H

    1.8kg (4lbs)

    Technical Specifications:
    Internal Battery: 44 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion
    USB Input: 2.1 Amps
    USB Output #1: 2.1 Amps
    USB Output #2: 2.1 Amps
    XGC Input: 4 Amp Fully Regulated Solar Recharging
    Compatible Devices: Perfect for all types of portable USB devices, like iPhones, iPads, GoPro Cameras and more
    IP Rating: IP65


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