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On The Trail: Psst.. We’re Creating A Community-Sourced Cook-Book!

Why? Because food always tastes better when you're camping. Always. Share your best ramen hacks, tastiest trail meals, and most resourceful car camping concoctions here.

We'll be compiling recipes over the next few months in anticipation of our cookbook launch where we'll share what the 12° North Industries community can cook up...

Aluminum foil has always been great at helping keep food moist, ensures it cooks evenly, keeps leftovers fresh, and even makes clean-up easy.

We prepare foil-pack meals at home ahead of time and then leave them in the cooler until we are ready to cook.

The best part is you can use any combination of meats and vegetables that you like and even go as far as making them kid friendly.

Do not try to use any less olive oil or foil, your dinner will burn and that is not what you want to have happen while out on the trail; especially after a day of driving rough spur roads or hiking.

Please be careful when opening foil as steam will have formed inside and can burn you.

We are working on providing you a place to not only find great healthy meals to heighten your camping adventures and experiences on the backroads but be able to make it so you, our guests and patrons alike can interact and share with each other as well.

- Simple and inexpensive trail snacks

- Quick healthy breakfast meals to get your days started

- Energetic and quick lunches

- Great hot meals to close out your days with

- Campfire snacks... shhhh

Keep in mind that we have a few dozen or so recipes and trail meals among the group here ourselves to include and in doing so we should by then have others jumping in and sharing their thoughts and ideas!

We can already hear your tummies growling anxiouslyy but PLEASE standby..

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