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Elite Survival Systems Liberty GunPack

Now as different as this may seem for some of our patrons and welcomed by others is the versatility offered in such a product. Many of those we service are generally only adventurist but many come from several active or former military or LEO and patriot backgrounds which could make 12° North Industries one of the safest places to be at or when we're on the trail.

Question you should ask is: If you had ill intentions and had a choice between mugging someone that "might" be carrying and a defenseless-looking individual, which one would you try to take on? Even with open carry-guys, how many get challenged? However, there is value in advertising what you're carrying, that is for sure but if your perception is that it is mandatory to hide or keep a 'secret' that what you are carrying. Boy do we have a little gem for you.

Introducing the ESS Liberty GunPack.. Part holster, part fanny pack, part EDC carry and personal organizer. Putting something on your belt is completely normal these days even if you're not a fanny pack fan. Trust me when I say the only one who knows whats in your pouch, pocket, or even a purse for you ladies; is you. Perhaps the best kept secret out there is the use of GunPacks in all places public.

Where it comes in handy is out on the trails, the daily grind, or other places of interest as law abiding folk will see fit and remain low ley. For those that carry more so "pocket" guns because of their smaller size, a pack allows for you to bring a more serious firepower with just a slightly larger and more powerful weapon that gives you more control and a better advantage all around.

How nice it would be to have access to a extra magazine, a flashlight, or whatever else may be of comfort each and every time you leave the safety of your home? Why would you want to carry a .380 or lesser when you can have an option to carry a 9mm or larger caliber on your belt or even a sling pack?

The Liberty GunPack allows armed citizens to just that.

Constructed of tactical nylon and available in black, wolf gray, and soon the coyote tan seen here. The GunPack is capable of holstering compact and subcompact pistols and small revolvers using a well integrated adjustable holster, and an elastic loop that will hold an extra reload magazine.

It has several pockets with pull string zippers for quick access to the contents and even a secure pouch for your phone that does not require constant zippering and unzipping to get to it. It can be attached to a bag via MOLLE webbing or a belt loop in both a horizontal or vertical fashion which also does give you alternative belt widths for more support such as when it is mounted vertically.

MSRP $50


Sales: 702.781.0302


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