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Lighting; Personal Or Vehicle, Whats Really Important & What We Think You Should Consider

You could throw a rock in any direction on Google let alone a variety of brick & mortars and hit a place offering something in lighting. Last minute counter offers at the corner Walgreen's to local hardware stores, less not forget store fronts and shops dedicated to all things dare we say as usual, "Tacti-cool"?

But whats cool may not always be the best bargain or buy for that matter, same could be said for inexpensive options that just aren't often the best bargain for the buck. Good news is not everything has to be platinum expensive or from across the pond junk. Today we're going to go over some personal options, why we chose them, how well they work and where to find them along with some other thoughts you may want to consider if you haven't already. So lets shed some light on the subject shall we? Pun intended indeed...