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Rack Systems - What Should You Consider When Picking A Rack?

"Whats the best rack-system out there?" It's a question we get on our online chats at least a few times a week on top of "What other brands of racks do you carry?" and because we get that question often. We are going to get into how we answer those questions and why from our perspective.

You may have looked up on Google rack systems for trucks or overlanding rack systems and to be totally honest. You could easily call ten different industry shops and get ten different answers which may even confuse you more about what is a better choice let alone what may work best for you.

There is a litany of reputable companies out there that make a good rack system and then there are some who are trying. We could sit here and play product keyword mashups but since we're our own sponsors in this world of off-road up-fitting, we thought it would be best to just verbally send it.

So.., things to consider when choosing a rack outside of the obvious are; style [type], height, mounting, function, and upgradability or accessories that work with your rack.

With regard to the styling of the rack or the type of racking we try to break this down a little further. You have companies that make some rather quick and lightweight products that are pret