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12° Degrees North, Ind. products are designed to perform and endure even as you push the limits. Because we stand behind our products, we have developed a warranty policy to provide you protection in the event of a defect of material, design, or construction. Other brands carried have their own warranties and policies and we will assist you work with those brands and their administration of warranty claims and policies.

Does your item qualify? We evaluate each item based primarily on the following 2 questions. If you answer yes to both, your item most likely qualifies.

  1. Is this a true defect? A true manufacturing defect, whether derived from failure of material, design, or construction, will usually manifest itself quite quickly, and can almost always be detected within the first 6 month of use.

  2. Is the item still within its expected lifetime? The lifetime of most apparel and accessories is 2-3 years, but is also dependent on individual use. Our policy does not cover normal wear and tear.

It’s our goal to assist you whenever possible, but before you send in your item please review our warranty policy and use your best judgment. Over time, all gear is subject to some degree of fading or tearing, piling or snagging, or zippers that no longer catch. The reality is that at a certain point even your most rugged, dependable pieces and equipment will need to be replaced.

Items that do not qualify for warranty coverage are identified as such because there is no genuine manufacturing defect present (damaged was caused by misuse, normal wear & tear, abuse) and/or the expected lifetime of the item has already passed. In most cases, the item will be returned to you in the condition in which it was received.

We hope that your 12° Degrees North, Industries. products always serve you well and look forward to continuing to provide you with reliable, exceptional quality products in the future.


Possible outcomes for items that qualify for warranty coverage

The following outcomes are at our discretion.



When possible, qualifying items will be repaired at no cost to you. In cases where the cost of the repairs exceeds the value of the product or if we determine the item should not be repaired, a replacement or refund will be provided instead.



In cases where we are not able to repair an item, a replacement may be provided. We are only able to issue identical replacements. The replacement item must share the same item number and price point as the original.


In cases where the item is not repaired and a replacement is unavailable, a refund in the form of a gift certificate will be provided.

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