Jeep commercials show these vehicles bouncing down a rocky trail with cool slow-mo footage. Only problem, if you look underneath your Jeep you'll see a whole lotta stuff waiting to be smashed up.


Of course the Jeep dealerships want you banging into rocks. That means they get to fix all sorts of things which certainly will not be covered by warranty.


Rocky Road is well known as THE supplier of parts for your Grand Cherokee and happy to have another additional to our armor plating system on your Jeep.  If you haven't checked out our main under carriage front skid plate, you really need to do this by clicking here


All Rocky Road skidplates are built from heavy gauge steel and 100% completely bolton. No drilling is needed on your vehicle at all.

Each skidplate takes 15-20 minutes or less to install, and is so simple anyone... ANYONE can install this at home in their own driveway.


In addition to the replacement skidplate for the cheesy plastic factory one, we also offer heavy duty skidplates for your fuel tanks. Why skidplates for your fuel tanks?


Well... look underneath your Jeep and you'll notice you have 2 fuel tanks, one on each side. You will also notice they are plastic.




Why Jeep decided plastic was the best way to store 25 gallons of explosive liquid... beyond us. But you need protection, and Rocky Road has it.



PACKAGE DEAL !!  -- If you decide avoiding thousands of $$$ of undercarriage damage is worth some preventative measures, and you wish to pick up all 3 of our skidplates, we do have a package discount available. Select this below at your time of checkout for the full 3-piece discount (will only be applied to your credit card when an complete order of 3 is confirmed).



(2011-Current) Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 Skid Plates (3pc)

    • Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 (2011-Current)


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