Portable Refrigerator Vehicle Lowering Slides..

There are many advantages of traveling with a portable fridge, especially on longer overland treks through the wilderness. However, gaining access to your fridge on the trail can be difficult, especially if you’ve installed storage drawers or other modifications to your vehicle’s storage space.


Worry no more!


The Easy Slide from Clearview makes it easy to access your fridge whether on the road or off it. The Easy Slide lowers your travel fridge an impressive 11.5 inches, making it easy to get to and store when you’re finished with it.


Tested in the Australian outback, this fridge slide can handle any challenges the trails might throw at you.

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Midwest Overlanding and Offroad Expo '2022

 - Apr 08-10,  Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Springfield, MO

The Midwest Overlanding and Off-Road Expo will get you one step closer to being part of the buzz—


It's time to bring your best to the Midwest. With a rapidly growing community of overlanders, off-roaders, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Impress your customers with the latest and greatest from the best and brightest. It's all here. The only thing missing is your registration.

Taking Charge - 4x4 Battery Basics

For us, few things in life are more satisfying than when you to pop the hood on your rig and someone from the group exclaims; "not a bad way to spend $10,000..."


You are right, cheesy lines like that are only found in 90's cult films about automotive obsessions and not the real ones we all have let alone the ones we always seem to see having cut corners on or forget about altogether until something goes wrong with it -- the battery system.


This article is about the basics of battery systems in vehicles...


Top 5 Best Tools For Orientation

"Orientation is the act of determining the relative position or location of where you are when you are in unfamiliar territory".


It is crucial usually in general to be aware of your surroundings, further imperative in a more survivalist situation to utilize orientation especially when you are unsure of where you are or where you need to go, and far before taking the chances of wandering around aimlessly trying to figure it out...


Travelers Kit - EPMK


Preparing for a business trip or weekend getaway?


The EPMK - Traveler Kit is a great option for business or recreational travel alike. 


The Traveler Kit is small and lightweight yet still packed full of necessary first aid supplies to treat a variety of issues to include dehydration, scrapes, cuts, and over-the-counter medications for multiple ailments. 


Be prepared to travel safely with the Chinook EPMK - Traveler Kit.

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