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The Magpak - by OVS.. Of Course From 12° North Industries

This versatile backpack is not your average carry-all, it's a game-changer in the world of outdoor gear and adventure. With multiple compartments for all your essentials, adjustable straps for comfort, and durable material to withstand the elements, the Magpak is designed to be your go-to backpack for any adventure.

Whether you're hiking through the mountains, trekking through the jungle, or simply exploring the urban jungle, the Magpak has got you covered. Say goodbye to bulky, uncomfortable backpacks and hello to the sleek and stylish Magpak.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your outdoor experience with the Magpak from OVS. Get yours today and start exploring the world in style!



“Enjoy Life, Adventure More”

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BlueRibbon Coalition

The BlueRibbon Coalition was born in 1987 shortly after Clark Collins, Founder and first Executive Director, was told by then Idaho Governor John Evans that recreationists were not politically significant and implied that Wilderness was more important than motorized access to public lands.

Clark gathered and worked with other recreationists in a huge undertaking to educate all users of public lands in Idaho just how our resources were not being preserved FOR the public, but rather FROM the public. Thus, we have the seeds of what would ultimately become the BlueRibbon Coalition.


SNORR - Southern Nevada Off-Road Recovery

SNORR was founded in 2017 by Jacob Schmidt who noticed a large gap in what the on-road tow business was able and willing to provide vs. what the Off-Road community in Southern Nevada needed. Many OHV enthusiasts were left without help or support when tow trucks turned them down or asked for exorbitant fees to recover their vehicles.

The idea to provide volunteer services to the Off-Road community was born and has since grown into over 60 active volunteers and over 10K local Off-Road followers.  We service a 400-mile radius and are available to the public 24/7

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SNO trailers were developed with form and function in mind and that is why they are designed as an open kitchen living concept.  The location of the refrigerator, prep area, sink and stove are conveniently located near one another, to make food preparation or just getting another beverage easy. 


Details matter to us and that is why we used the highest quality products and components in each trailer build.  With SNO Trailers, we can build a custom trailer within your budget.  If you already have camping gear, we won’t force you to buy a trailer with those items. We want your trailer to be specific to YOUR wants and needs. 

DSC03308 Old vs New.jpg

'19-23 Ford Ranger Extended Fuel Tanks?


With rising fuel costs and getting less for you dollar, many people are taking actions to be prepared.. and we think you should consider it as well.

This replacement tank is specifically designed for the US and North American Spec'd Ford Ranger 19-23 with a capacity of 37 gal tank, more than doubling your current 18 gal tank giving you a 122% more fuel without a Jerry-can or Rotopax to be seen.

This is the Mod that the Ford Ranger community has been missing and you needed!

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