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North American Made Aluminum Tray Beds & Canopies

Aluminum tray options to suit mid-size North American trucks, and in a revolutionary way unavailable by most other market options.


How you may ask?


By creating a mounting system for specific trucks that work with any one of 3 Sizes of trays, and lengths to accommodate nearly everything you might want to attach a flat-bed aluminum tray to. 


Crew-Cab/Short Bed (CCSB), Double-Cab/L Bed (DCLB), or Double-Cab/Short Bed (DCSB) options are available in multiple widths of 72" (1830mm), 76" ( mm), and 66" ( mm) allowing for 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft length trays all designed to reach just passed the rear of the trucks frame, giving the very best departure angles.

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